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India, Jind 23 Feb, 2019
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Carthage Race International Marathon

Tunisia, Carthage 24 Feb, 2019

Banjul marathon

Gambia, Serrekunda 24 Feb, 2019

Marathon des Royaumes, Aného, Togo

Togo, Aneho 28 Feb, 2019

Nafplio Marathon

Greece, Nafplio 03 Mar, 2019

Ice Onego Maraton

Russia, Petrozavodsk 09 Mar, 2019
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Catalina Island Marathon

United States of America, Santa Catalina Island 09 Mar, 2019

Langebaan Country Estate Weskus Marathon

South Africa, Langebaan 23 Mar, 2019
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OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO

Cyprus, Limassol 24 Mar, 2019
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AmstelveenZ Lentemarathon

Netherlands, Amstelveen 24 Mar, 2019


Running a marathon might seem intimidating to a newbie, and, sometimes, even to a running enthusiast. The good news is that regardless if you are looking to be competitive or just to make it over the finish line to say "I did it", there are an abundance of amazing marathons around the world. From fast road races to trailblazers, if you are willing to put in the training time, you can strap on your gym shoes and hit the pavement at hundreds of fantastic marathons held around the globe. Either qualify for the most popular ones like the Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon, or the Athens Marathon, or if you want to go to the extreme and see the world, enlist to run the Great Wall Marathon in China. There is literally something for everyone and for every level of athlete.

Marathons 2019

There are more marathons 2019 races than ever before in history. The races are reaching the outer boundaries of the universe and traveling across lands that were once unchartered territory. The thirst for running continues to grow, and people looking for awe-inspiring countryside, cool themed marathons, and more challenging courses than have ever been dreamed of in the past, are racing to cross the yellow ribbon. If you are ready to do something really outstanding, this is your year!

Register now! Leiden Marathon

Leiden Marathon

Netherlands, Leiden

19 May, 2019

Register now! iWelt Marathon Wuerzburg

iWelt Marathon Wuerzburg

Germany, Würzburg

26 May, 2019

Register now! Borneo International Marathon

Borneo International Marathon

Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

28 Apr, 2019

Register now! Three Hearts Marathon

Three Hearts Marathon

Slovenia, Radenci

18 May, 2019

Register now! Khmer Empire Marathon

Khmer Empire Marathon

Cambodia, Angkor Wat

4 Aug, 2019

Register now! Podgorica Marathon

Podgorica Marathon

Montenegro, Podgorica

27 Oct, 2019

Register now! Wizz Air Skopje Marathon

Wizz Air Skopje Marathon

Macedonia, Skopje

4 May, 2019

Register now! OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO

OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO

Cyprus, Limassol

24 Mar, 2019

Register now! Båstad Marathon

Båstad Marathon

Sweden, Båstad

29 Jun, 2019

Good to Know


A marathon course is 26.2 miles


To go from couch to marathon takes the average runner about 6 months of training


The fastest race time to finish a marathon is 2:01:39, with the average marathoner completing a race course in about 4:20:13


Boston Marathon and Chicago Marathon both need qualifying times to enter

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