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6 lakes – 6 sjoar

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Quick facts

Location Uppsala, Sweden

Distance Marathon

Date 15 Aug 2020

About 6 lakes – 6 sjoar

CORONA UPDATE JULY 7: We are only allowed ro run 45 people on the marathon. All other distances cancelled.  t

But, don't worry:
– You are guaranteed to get your money back, minus SEK 50 (about 5 €) for handling.
– You can keep your ticket to next year.

GENERAL INFO: The name of the race “6 sjöar” – six lakes – is obvious: all distances encircles lakes, the marathon encircles all six lakes.  It is an unique event and an opportunity to enjoy Swedish landscape with your running shoes on. The four distances: 42,2 – 21,1 – 10,5 – 5,5 km is great if you bring friends and family. You are able to change distance until last day.

A lovely feature of the race is that you celebrate your achievement by taking a swim. The start and finish is at Fjällnora, a beach located at an isthmus between two lakes, surrounded by forests.

The event is small scale and friendly, we expect a maximum of 300 people on each distance. Our aim is to focus on lovely run courses and less garbage. So we will provide runners with multi-use cups instead of plastic cups. Less merchandise, but more run fun. You may actually meet a steam train along the course!

Please note that our race is open for limited number of runners with dogs, last year there were just two dogs among 600 runners. Please contact us if you are not comfortable with four footed friends.

Marathon route on Google maps:



Hotels in Uppsala or Stockholm. Cottages in Fjällnora. See homepage.

After Race Services

Cafe, toilets, beach

Age Limit

Marathon: 15 years and up. Shorter distances: no limits

Aid Stations

Marathon: 13 aid stations (every 2-4 km). Well equipped, but if you do have any special needs, please contact us and we are most likely able to arrange something.

Award Medals

Yes, one medal for all. No money prizes and no special medals for the winners – just the honour.

Equipment Storage

Yes, you can store luggage at the start are. We can offer child care as well.

Maximum Time

Officially it is 7 hours for marathon – but don't worry. We will have staff taking care of latecomers up to 17:00 (ten hours).


Yes, plenty.

Provided Photo Service

A photographer will be there. Please contact us if you do not to be seen on pictures. 


Everybody is welcome.

Race Kit Includes

Bib and multi-use cup "hydrapouch". We try to minimize the environmental impact of the race.


Yes, except aids stations there is a cafe serving soup, pancakes, hamburgers etc.


Yes, by the company Racetimer,


Bus from Uppsala, please see homepage for updated info.

6 lakes – 6 sjoar Route Map

6 lakes – 6 sjoar Route Map


Fjällnora recreation, FJÄLLNORA 35, 755 97 Uppsala, Sweden

6 lakes – 6 sjoar Ticket prices: 100.00kr sek - 650.00kr sek

The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.