Norway Marathons 26.2 Miles of Majesty

Norway Marathons 26.2 Miles of Majesty

Norway has no shortage of marathons to choose from. Running year round, it offers running enthusiasts road running to mountain running to night running.  From half marathons to ultra, experts to beginners flock to Norway to take in the scenery from a runner’s perspective. Make your way through the city at the Bergen Half Marathon, or take yourself to new heights making your way to the top with Geiranger from Fjord to Summit. No lack of scenic courses, there are many unique ways to see the countr ... Continue Reading

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Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon

Norway, Tromsø 20 June, 2020

Ålesund Nyttårsmaraton

Norway, Ålesund 29 December, 2019

Jølster Maraton

Norway, Jølster 06 July, 2019

Trondheim Marathon

Norway, Trondheim 07 September, 2019

Spitsbergen Marathon

Norway, Longyearbyen 06 June, 2020

Norske Fjellmaraton

Norway, Beitostølen 06 June, 2020

Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon

Norway, Bergen 27 April, 2019


Norway, Ringerike 15 August, 2020

Holmestrand Marathon

Norway, Holmestrand 04 April, 2020

Nordmarka Skogsmaraton

Norway, Oslo 06 June, 2020


Norway, Mandal 22 September, 2019

Stavanger Marathon

Norway, Stavanger 26 August, 2017

Things To Think About


If you aren't European plan to bring a power adapter for your devices!


Although most Norwegians speak English, not all do. Be prepared with a translation app just in case


Norway tends to be pricey. for tourists, so plan to spend more than you might think


Does the event you want to enter have a participation limit? If so, make sure to register early so you don't miss out!


How long do you need to train for a marathon? Start with plenty of time to be race-ready by race day

Is A Norway Marathon 2019 Event In Your Future?

Whether you are a newbie to marathon running or a seasoned veteran, a perfect Norway marathon 2019 event is awaiting. 

Those looking for a flat and fast course will find exactly that participating in the Knarvikmila Marathon, also known as the Great Fjord Run. It is the most popular event held in Norway because it is so much more than just a competitive racing event. Running strong since 1982, athletes from across Norway, and around the globe, run alongside one another for a great sports-filled weekend event.

If lake and mountainous views are what makes your heart sing, then look no further than the Jolster Marathon. Predominantly a flat course, there is no lack of scenery or landscaping awe. 

For a super unique and one-of-a-kind experience, the Midnight Sun Marathon is an amazing bucket list event. The race is held at night, but the sun is shining bright. The Midnight Sun Marathon is not only cool; it is AIMS certified. So it can take you places in the marathon world. 

Whatever it is that inspires you to run a marathon can be found racing around the beautiful country of Norway. What are you waiting for? Choose your event, pre-register, commit and get training today!

Good to Know


Norway tends to be cold, so be prepared to dress warmly no matter what time of year you visit


To visit Norway you will need a passport that is valid for a minimum of 90 days


For entry into Norway, certain vaccinations are required or recommended. So, make sure your vaccine shots are up to date ahead of time!


The official currency of Norway is the Norwegian krone


Visiting Norway during the months of Jun through July allows for a midnight sun, which is super cool and unlike anything else on earth

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