Bergen Maratonkarusellen no4 - Skogsmaraton

Quick facts

Location Bergen, Norway

Distance Marathon

Date 24 Aug 2019

About Bergen Maratonkarusellen no4 - Skogsmaraton

Welcome to Bergen – the City of Marathons …

… and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bergen is "heaven on earth" for runners. Not too hot in the summer and a mild climate during the winter. Even at wintertime, the tracks are often free from snow and ice.

For other races in our district – have a look at, the race calendar site of the Norwegian Association for Endurance Sports Kondis. On this site you will also find a collection of articles from past races with many pictures from the course. 

The races are organized by a group of passionate runners, the atmosphere is informal and friendly.



  • 8km


  • 42.195km


Age Limit

Half marathon runners have to be older than 16 years or turning 16 within the calendar year. The age limit for longer distances (including marathon) is 18 years.

Aid Stations

There is water, sports drink, bananas etc along the route as indicated on the map, approximately 4 km between each depot.

Award Medals

Souvenir prizes (engraved drinking glasses) for all finishers, special prizes (cups and/or money) for the best runners and more prizes drawn among all runners. In addition we offer a special cup for those who run five races during the year - see the picture on the front page "5 on Bergen ground". In addition to the above mentioned runs, also Fanaløpet can count as one run.


Chip rental fee: In addition, there is a chip rental fee of NOK 50. If you already have an Emit chip, you can use it, in that case we need your chip number (7 digits) before the race.

Bergen Maratonkarusellen no4 - Skogsmaraton Route Map

Bergen Maratonkarusellen no4 - Skogsmaraton Route Map


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