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Maratona di San Valentino


Ubicación Terni, Italy

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 16 feb. 2020

Acerca de Maratona di San Valentino

The Amateurs Podistica Terni organized in collaboration with the Diocese of Terni Narni Amelia, with the Municipalities, Bodies and Associations Pro Loco of Terni, Ferentillo, Arrone, Montefranco, Collestatte, Narni, in collaboration with groups of jogging Terni, under the patronage of Umbria region, the province of Terni, presents the Maratona di San Valentino!! This scenic route is highlighted by the creation of the Falls which is dated back to 271 AD and is an incredible work of Roman engineering, designed to favour the out flow of the Velino waters, responsible for frequent and disastrous flooding and transformation of extensive areas of land into unhealthy swamps.

The main cavities of speleogical interest as well as for the beauty and evocative power of the environment, are enclosed in three distinct complexes: the first includes the Grotta della Morta (Cave of Death)and the Grotta delle Diaclasi, and spreads over 287 m. with a maximum depth of 23 m.; the second is the Grotta delle Colonne (Cave of Columns), developed in two main parts, that afterwards collapsed forming two non communicating environments; finally with a spread of over 190 m., theGrotta della Condotta, partly collapsed with an old water pipe passing through it.



  • 42,195km

21.1 km

  • 21,097km


Medallas de finalización

Prize to the first 45 couples classified marathon, recorded in pairs, male and female, considering the sum of the real time of each. Awards Table 3 male - 3 female, for 42 k. Athletes crossing the finish line will be awarded the official medal. Rankings and participation diplomas will be downloadable in the days immediately after the race.

Tiempo máximo

The maximum time to finish the Marathon is 6 hours.


The timing service will be supplied by "Dreamrunners". You will find the instructions for the timing chip attached to the bib. The timing chip must not be returned upon the finish.

Maratona di San Valentino MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE

Maratona di San Valentino MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE


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Comentario realizado el 02 octubre, 2019


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San Valentine's church, Terni



As runners navigate through this scenic route, they will stumble upon sites such as: The Grotta della Morta (Cave of Death), Grotta delle Diaclasi, Grotta delle Colonne (Cave of Columns), Grotta della Condotta, Regional Nera River Park and The Marmore Falls.

The vegetation along the entire course of water is luxuriant and flourishing.
The area of the Falls features great examples of willows, alders and holm oaks. The Aleppo pine often clings to the calcareous emergences of the slopes while the hill sides are covered with holm oaks, oaks, maples and beeches. The Botanic Garden inside the Regional Nera River Park (2460 hectares) is well worth a visit where different plant life of the area can be admired.


Departure from Terni, continue towards the Basilica of San Valentino, to 200 m slightly uphill.Then it paves the way for 1.5 km before falling in Valnerina. From here we head towards the Cascade Falls, then return to Torre Orsini: we are at Km 21. The marathon continues until Ferentillo slight false flat and then return to Terni.

La información de la carrera se ha encontrado en el sitio web oficial del evento o en otras fuentes de acceso público. Consulta siempre el sitio web oficial para obtener la información más actualizada sobre la carrera. Si falta algún dato o hay algún error, envíanos un correo electrónico para informarnos..