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Trondheim Marathon

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Quick facts

Location Trondheim,

Distance Marathon

About Trondheim Marathon

This year's training goals!

Trondheim Marathon is Norway’s oldest marathon and is organized every autumn. Trondheim Marathon was first organized in 1969 under the name of Student Marathon, but the race was first named Trondheim Marathon in 1983. Since that time, the Trondheim Marathon has been growing and has really begun to mark Norway as an important event.

The main focus of TM is public health. We will be an event for everyone from 0 to 99 years. We want to take care of the participants through giving them the tools to master throughout the year. Running courses, lectures, nutrition lectures, events and training arenas while trying to contribute to this year’s training goals. We have laid the trail around the city center so that as a participant or audience you will see much of what Trondheim city has to show. We are proud of the new race track that is first and foremost beautiful and public-friendly.



After Race Services

Our partner Eureka Chiropractor provides treatment in advance and after your race.

Age Limit

10 km: 12 years old. Half marathon: 16 years old. Full marathon: 18 years old.

Aid Stations

Our first aid team cycles around the trail and has a station at the finish.

Award Medals

All participants who perform one of the distances in the Trondheim Marathon will receive a medal at the finish line.

Equipment Storage

Participants are encouraged to mark the luggage well and do not have any valuables in their luggage. The luggage rack is torn off from the starting number. Only small bags or bags can be delivered. Get in good time as you can expect a queue.

Maximum Time

Last round passage at 17.00 o`clock. Last participant need to be finish at 18.00 o´clock.


In the center there is little parking. We recommend parking at the following places: Solsiden, Bakke parking garage, Leutenhaven, the railway station.


Nothing needed.

Race Kit Includes

Everyone who runs Trondheim Marathon gets a medal. We also have a goodie bag with stuff from our collaborators. 


Water,  slurried Coca Cola, sports drinks (orange) and banana.



Trondheim Marathon Route Map

Trondheim Marathon Route Map


Trondheim, Norway


Kongens gate 9, 7013 Trondheim, Norway



The Marathon is characterized as the ultimate challenge that puts both your physical and mental qualities to the test. Helmaraton is suitable for those who have trained purposefully to complete or come under a magical time limit on the distance. Four rounds in a compact run make you get good public support and a motivational kick every time you get through the square. It should also be mentioned that the Trondheim Marathon is Norway's oldest and thus obligatory to have a merit list for marathon enthusiasts.

Half Marathon

Half marathon is guaranteed far enough for you to get both sweaty and tired but an easier distance to creep over than a whole marathon. Here you will find the largest starting field and guaranteed a good back to lie behind. Suitable for those who have trained a little and need a challenge or think helmaraton is too long and would like to push the mileage down to a half marathon!

Trondheim Marathon Ticket prices: 280.00kr nok - 700.00kr nok

The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.