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Narva Energy Run

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Posizione Narva, Estonia

Distanza Mezza maratona

Rescheduled to 10 ott 2020

Previous date: 13 giu 2020

Informazioni Narva Energy Run

Estonia’s easternmost city is separated from Ivangorod in Russia by the Narva River and is almost entirely populated by Russians. It’s quite literally a border town: the bridge at the end of the main street is the country’s principal link with Russia and no-man’s-land protrudes right up to the edge of the town square. Aside from its magnificent castle and baroque Old Town Hall, most of Narva’s outstanding architecture was destroyed in WWII. The reconstructed city has a melancholy, downtrodden air; the prosperity evident in other parts of the country is visibly lacking. Yet Estonia’s third-largest city is an intriguing place for a (brief) visit – you’ll find no other place in Estonia quite like it. Narva city is home to the Narva Energy Run.

Seeing that Narva is the most eastern town of Estonia and Narva Energy Run is the most eastern city run in the European Union this means that the course runs along the border of EU and Russia.

The Narva Energy Run will take place in June. Narva Energy Run is organized by Sport Event Team (Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi MTÜ in Estonian), in co-operation with Eesti Energia, the Narva City Government and sponsors.


Narva Energy Run

  • 21,097km

7 km

  • 7km

Informazioni pratiche

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

There will be 5 refreshment stations on the half marathon course (1 in 7 km). The stations will offer water and sports drinks.


Chip timing available.


Narva Promenaad



The Narva Energy Run (Narva Energiajooks) includes a 21.1 km run. The running trail goes along the streets of Narva, passing historic bastions, fortifications, the Alexander's Cathedral and many other exciting buildings. The Narva Energy Run is an unique possibility to run on the most eastward track of the European Union, on the beautiful shore of River Narva.


21,1 km will be on one loop course. The course will consist of pavement roads and will be marked.

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