Enjoy Marathons in Germany by Running Through the Beautiful Countryside

Enjoy Marathons in Germany by Running Through the Beautiful Countryside

Germany is home to some of the most iconic marathon races in the world. A vast countryside combed with old world historic cities make Germany a marathoner’s favorite. Take in the racy sites of the red light district with the Hamburg Marathon, or peruse downtown Berlin with the Berlin Marathon known as the fastest marathon in the world. If a half marathon is your thing, there is Germany’s oldest running road race the Paderborner Osterlauf, which dates back to 1947. Or, for those ultra marathon en ... Continue Reading

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Spreewald Marathon

Germany, Burg (Spreewald) 18 April, 2020
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METRO Marathon Düsseldorf

Germany, Düsseldorf 26 April, 2020
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iWelt Marathon Wuerzburg

Germany, Würzburg 10 May, 2020
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EAM Kassel Marathon

Germany, Kassel 20 September, 2020
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20. Königsschlösser Marathon

Germany, Fussen 18-19 July, 2020
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HAJ Hannover Marathon

Germany, Hannover 26 April, 2020

Bottwartal Marathon

Germany, Bottwartal 20 October, 2019

Brocken Marathon

Germany, Brocken 20 October, 2019

Lembecker Marathonstaffel

Germany, Dorsten 19 October, 2019

Magdeburg Marathon

Germany, Magdeburg 20 October, 2019

FALKE Rothaarsteig Marathon

Germany, Schmallenberg 19 October, 2019


Germany, Hachenburg 19 October, 2019

Is A Marathon Germany 2019 Event In Your Future?

Whether you are novice runner looking to take travel to Germany and marathons Germany challenges off of your bucket-list, or you are a seasoned athlete wanting to acquire one more achievement, there is a perfect event for you!

If flat, fast, and seeing three countries all in one race is your "thing," then the 3 Country Marathon is your event. The marathon offers three routes that you can choose from. So this is an event that you can do annually, and it will still feel like your first time. 

For the expert athlete, the Haj Hannover Marathon offers a highly competitive atmosphere. Racers get a glimpse of the most beautiful gardens and parks around the city. And to follow up the race, there is a family day dedicated to making everyone happy, runner or non-participant alike. If you want to engage the whole family, this is an ideal marathon destination for you.

Or, if trailblazing is your event, then the Rennsteiglauf Marathon is the obvious choice. It is Europe's most iconic and largest trail race event in the nation. Held in Mid-may, the route is an off-road spectacle of beauty. Wind through small towns and get a taste of the traditional side of Germany, while racing with people from around the globe. The Rennsteiglauf Marathon is definitely a marathoner's  bucket-list destination run. No matter what your reason for running a marathon is, you can find inspiration by registering for a marathons Germany event 2019, committing to race, and training today!

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