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Marathon De La Rochelle

France, La Rochelle 29 Mar, 2018

Marathon Pau Pyrénées

France, Pau 10 Jun, 2018


France, Gesnes-le-Gandelin 13 Jul, 2018

Marathon Vert Rennes Konica Minolta

France, Melesse 21 Oct, 2018

Monaco Run

France, Monaco 16 Feb, 2019

Marathon de Cheverny

France, Laurent 06 Apr, 2019

Ekiden Fiducial

France, Saint-Nazaire 02 Sep, 2018

Marathon d'Orléans

France, Orléans 18 Nov, 2018

Ekiden Loire Layon

France, Chalonnes-sur-Loire 02 Sep, 2018

Grenoble Ekiden

France, Grenoble 21 Oct, 2018

Paris Saint Germain En Laye La Course

France, Paris 19 May, 2019


France, Coulon 17 Jun, 2018

Marathons France

France is one of the most romantic countries on earth. It is also a country that has vast scenic places with wide open spaces, just perfect for running around, literally. Home to some of the most spectacular marathons, the French know how to put on a race. From the Master des Neiges, which is an 11km snow race through the Northern Alps to the Paris Marathon, which runs through the heart of the city, there is no shortage of marathons for athletes to choose from. Hosting some of the most arduous adventures, France has something for the beginner to advanced. Rich in history, culture, and architecture, the best way to see it all is on foot. From half to full to ultra marathon, there is something for every runner.

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Arne Horst

Arne Horst

Marathon Vert Rennes Konica Minolta, Reviewed 05 April, 2018

The Marathon of Rennes is known as one of the fastest marathons in France. It is also called 'the green marathon' because for every kilometer you run, a tree will be planted on this planet. So, besi...