Races in Germany and Austria…These Simply Shouldn’t be Missed!

Races in Germany and Austria…These Simply Shouldn’t be Missed!

Running a marathon takes commitment, drive and determination. But it doesn’t have to be all hard work. After all the training, hitting the pavement even when you don’t feel like it, and sacrifice that it sometimes takes to be marathon-ready, you should treat yourself. The best way to do that is to make your next race a destination marathon. Races in Germany and Austria are an excellent way to treat yourself for a job well done! Whether you are a trail blazer or fast and flat course lover, the perfect marathon is waiting for you in Germany!

1. The SRH Dammer Marathon

If you want to do something outside the ordinary while racing in Germany, the SRH Dammer Marathon is the most successful and adored marathon in Germany. Held in Mannheim in May, the weather is perfect for a midnight race! See all the sites of Mannheim alongside ten thousand fellow running enthusiast from around the globe.

A friendly and less competitive atmosphere than typical marathons, it is a perfect event for the newbie marathon destination runner or the seasoned veteran alike. One of the finest road races in Germany with the twilight twist, it is one to put on your “to-do” list!

2. The Gelita Trail Marathon Heidelberg

For the trailblazer, there is nothing more exhilarating than the Gelita Trail Marathon in Heidelberg. Heidelberg has long been revered as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and around the world. The race is held in October as the summer turns to fall with autumn colors abound.

Participants run pass landmarks like the old bridge, the holy mountain, the castle of Heidelberg and the philosophers trail making their way toward the finish line. The legendary “Himmelsleiter,” or heavens ladder will challenged even the most experienced athlete.

Only the strong can make it up the 900 sand stone stairs to finish on the Karlsplatz. It is a once in a lifetime challenge for those who choose to complete, the over 1,500 meter altitude difference is a feat that not many have the courage to take on.

3. The Metro Marathon

If you are looking for an excellent fast and flat course where you get to see the downtown city of Dusseldorf, then the Metro Marathon is a perfect choice. While making it to cross the finish line, racers get to see sites like the Opera on the Rhine, 18 different museums and a scenic boulevard lined with amazing chestnut trees.

For the runner wanting to take in the sites of this amazing epicenter of commerce and culture, the Metro can’t be beaten. Come for the race, stay for vacation. There is so much to do and see, you will want to schedule a little extra time post-marathon.

4.The Austrian Women’s Run

Held in Wien, Austria, the Austrian Women’s Run is an excellent way to commune with other women from around the world. The race has been going strong for over three decades and has a following worldwide of over 35,000 participants.

Not about the competition as much as the commodore, it is for newbie to professional marathoners alike. The course is a flat and fast one that races around the beautiful city of Vienna. A highly casual atmosphere it is a perfect event for someone who is looking to get their marathon feet wet. Even if you don’t make it across the finish line, make it. It is an inspirational run!

5. The Glacier Marathon - Gletschermarathon Pitztal-IMST

If you are looking for one of the most scenic and beautiful marathon race courses on earth, then the Glacier Marathon is it. Participants race through the beautiful mountains of Pitztal. Not for the faint of heart, runners have to overcome the hurdles of altitude and steep inclines of 313 vertical meters.

It is considered one of the most awe-inspiring and challenging event in both Austria and Germany. For an additional marathon challenge that is well worth it to see mountains views abound, there is no better race destination! See uncharted territory all on foot, and some pretty amazing views from every angle.

6. The Bad Salzuflen Marathon

There’s no shame in training hard but knowing your limitations! If you want to be involved in a marathon, but don’t want the pressure if things don’t go right, then the Bad Salzuflen Marathon is the one for you. The course is a combination of forest roads and paved paths and high altitudes, so there is a little challenge for everyone of every level.

The participants get to choose how far they want to go and there are route exits available all the way along the course to the ultimate finish line. It is a less competitive and more “personal” best run atmosphere that is enjoyed by runners from around the world. A perfect first event or something outside the ordinary for someone looking for their first or their hundredth destination marathon.

Who says that running a marathon is just about the competition? After all of your hard work training, why not treat yourself by seeing amazing sites, taking a vacation, and seeing the beautiful countryside of Germany or Austria on foot? With so many great events to choose from, the hardest part will be figuring out which one to sign up for. To get information about and register for your next event, check out World's Marathons today!