Is a Finland Marathon In Your Future?

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Helsinki Marathon

Finland, Helsinki 24 Aug, 2019

Pyhän Olavin Marathon

Finland, Savonlinna 07 Jul, 2019

Kyrönjoki Marathon

Finland, Ylistaro 27 Apr, 2019

Yyteri Maraton

Finland, Pori 26 May, 2018

Hämeenlinnan kaupunkimaraton

Finland, Hämeenlinna 21 Jul, 2018

Ruska Maraton

Finland, Levi 07 Sep, 2019

Hämeenlinna City Marathon

Finland, Hämeenlinna 03 Aug, 2019

Paavo Nurmi Marathon Finland

Finland, Turku 17 Aug, 2019

Terwa Marathon

Finland, Oulu 18 May, 2019

Kuopio Maraton

Finland, Kuopio 07 Sep, 2019

Tuusulanjärven Maraton

Finland, Tuusula 27 Apr, 2019


Finland, Kittilä 01 Sep, 2018

Is a Finland Marathon In Your Future?

One of the most scenic and breathtaking nature on Earth, Finland offers sites that no other place can. Having a vast number of marathons to choose from, from cold winter athletes to ice runner enthusiasts can have their pick across the vast countryside. 

From extreme races to half marathons, the races cover the land from end to end. No where can you find challenges such as the WinterExtremeRun Peurunka or the ExtremeRun Tahko. Pushing the human spirit to the edge, most of the runs are not for beginners unless they have a thirst for challenge. 

Take a run around the city center with the famous Helsinki Spring Marathon or run through the night at the Keuruun Night Marathon. Unique and fun, only runners get to see Finland in all its beautiful glory. With so many Finland marathon events to choose from, what are you waiting for? Register today and start training!

Finland Marathon 2019 Events - Which Will Inspire You?

If you want to see the countryside of Finland, then the Espoon Rantamarathon is a perfect marathon to train for! Held annually in September, it is a road race, but on backroads! Whether you are a newbie trying to complete a marathon for the first time or you are a seasoned marathoner looking to beat your best time, the Espoon Rantamarathon is a less competitive marathon where you can just go your own speed.

If trail running is your forte then the Vuokatti Trail Challenge is a perfect fit. Racers start at the old school in Teerivaara in Vuokatti and make their way to the finish line at the hotel Kuofatinhovi. The off-road terrain crosses hills and forests with a delight for all senses around every corner. The total height of the run is about 960 meters, so make sure to add in some mountain race training!

For the night owl, the Forssa Summer Night Marathon is a unique event that is something outside the ordinary 26.2 miles of a regular marathon. There are an estimated 600 participants who will sign up this year. So, make sure to reserve your spot!

Whatever it is that inspires you to run a marathon, you can find that inspiration in Finland Marathon 2019 Events. Find the one that speaks to you and sign up today!

Helsinki Marathon

Finland, Helsinki

24 Aug, 2019

Good to Know


The official currency of Finland is the Euro


To travel to the country of Finland, you will need a passport that is valid 90-day post-entry date


Since some vaccines are either required or recommended to visit Finland, make an appointment to ensure your shots are up to date


The best time to go to Finland is in the winter months of December to March or in the springtime from April to May


There are a number of public transportation options in Finland. Map out your trip to make the best use of your time!

Things To Think About


If your event has a participation limit, consider registering well in advance!


Make sure to schedule enough time to train for a marathon. If it is a mountain trail, consider extra training!


If you want to see everything when you are in Finland, schedule additional time


Finland is known for their spas. You might want to schedule one for after race day


If you want to see the Northern Lights, look at marathons that are run between September and March to increase your chances

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