Marathon Races in Greece Not to Miss!

Marathon Races in Greece Not to Miss!

Known as one of the most romantic countrysides in the world, Greece offers runner enthusiasts the opportunity to run the same courses that our ancestors did.  The Athens Marathon runs the original course that the Greeks of Athens ran many centuries ago. Take in the sites of the most historically significant structures on earth from a road’s eye view. The Spartathlon Ultra Race is one of the most iconic races that touts 248km, that will challenge even the most expert runner.  Home to the toughest ... Continue Reading

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Roads to Rhodes Marathon 3 may 2020

Greece, Rhodes 03 May, 2020

Alexander the Great Marathon

Greece, Thessaloniki 14 Apr, 2019

Athens Authentic Marathon

Greece, Athens

Messene Marathon

Greece, Messene 18 Mar, 2018

Olympus Marathon

Greece, Dion 22 Jun, 2018

Crete Marathon

Greece, Chania 21 Apr, 2019


Greece, Amaliada 30 Mar, 2019

Nafplio Marathon

Greece, Nafplio 03 Mar, 2019

Things To Think About


Once in Greece, things can be quite expensive. Budget appropriately for your stay


Does the event you want to participate in have a participation limit? If so, make sure to pre-register so that you don't miss out!


Are there other tourist attractions you want to see while visiting? Plan your trip ahead of time to ensure you have enough time


How many months will it take you to be race-ready? Give yourself enough training time so that you aren't scrambling last minute


Many areas in Greece will not take credit cards, so consider carrying cash to be prepared

Is A Marathon Greece 2019 Event In Your Future?

With so many Marathon Greece 2019 events to choose from, the hardest decision you will have to make is which one is right for you. If a flat and fast course is your forte, then the Roads To Rhodes Marathon is a perfect fit. Surrounding racers is the deep blue Aegean Sea. Rhodes is a favorite tourist destination with reason; it is chalked with rich history and festivities abound. 

If city running is your choice, then the Nafplio Marathon is a marathon destination run for you! See sandy beaches, coastline views, and the beautiful city of Peloponnisos, all with a breathtaking course.

Not quite a marathon, but close enough, the Psiloritis International Mountain Race covers the distance of the sacred city of Milan Knossos. Seeping with mythological significance, the terrain is mountainous, as well as beautiful, and will challenge even the most seasoned athlete in the crowd. Whichever marathon Greece 2019 event inspires you, register today, commit, and get training today!

Good to Know


The best months to visit Greece are June to September


If traveling to Greece from the US, you will need a passport that is valid for a minimum of 90 days. If you are a EU citizen, you will not need a passport, but are required to have an identity card with Latin characters


To rent a car in Greece, you have to be a minimum of 21 years-old and you must have held a license for more than a year. If you are under the age of 25, however, you will likely have to pay a young driver surcharge


Some vaccinations are required or recommended when traveling to Greece, so make sure that your vaccine shots are up to date!


The official currency of Greece is the Euro

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