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Meia Maratona do Douro Vinhateiro

Quick facts

Location Peso da Régua, Portugal

Distance Half marathon

About Meia Maratona do Douro Vinhateiro

Run who flies a sea of wine, lines drawn on the horizon shale, as fascinating as generous territory. The MOST BEAUTIFUL WORLD RACE. One day the dream was born. Today it is a reality recognized worldwide. The perfect symbiosis between territory, health and well-being .

It is in the heart of the Douro Wine Region that takes place TVI Wonders- Running Race EDP Douro Wine Region, an event the size of this portentous territory that adds nineteen municipalities over the more than two hundred fifty thousand hectares, a voucher that the world considers magic where the gigantic terraces form the stunning hanging gardens.

An almost flat course, always along the banks of the River which gives its name to the region, thousands of people from dozens of countries make this one of the most iconic races of the planet today, a territorial celebration in which the Port is the symbols. on the 24th of May.

TVI and are TVI24 Official Media Partners of The Most Beautiful Race in the World, offering high degree of notoriety, with the completion of various reporting and broadcasting the race on the 24th of May.

Important: you are only purchasing a voucher, after this you will receive information how to complete de registration at the website.


Mini Maratona do Douro Vinhateiro

  • 6km

Meia Maratona do Douro Vinhateiro

  • 21.097km


Aid Stations

Along the way, several regular points of water supply are assured. The participants of the Half Marathon also have available isotonic drink, and fruit at the end of the race. All participants can try Port Wine during the Race. The Race is attended by a medical team, which together with specialized ambulance service provides all possible medical support necessary during the tests.

Award Medals

'The World's Most Beautiful Race' has a podium ceremony for the top three Women's and Men's Half Marathon runners, with exclusive Running Wonders EDP prizes. All participants in the Half Marathon receive a participation medal. The Half Marathon qualifiers can consult, after the end of the Race, their online digital certificate. There is no classification in the Douro Vinhateiro Mini Marathon.

Meia Maratona do Douro Vinhateiro Route Map

Meia Maratona do Douro Vinhateiro Route Map


At Eclusa da Barragem da Régua on the Rio Douro Bridge

Peso da Régua,pt


Peso da Régua

Peso da Régua,pt

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