What’s So Great About Marathons In Africa? What Isn’t?!

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Marakele Marathon 

South Africa, Thabazimbi 02 Mar, 2019

Egyptian Marathon

Egypt, Luxor 11 Jan, 2019

International Marathon of Marrakech

Morocco, Marrakesh 27 Jan, 2019

Knysna Forest Marathon

South Africa, Western Cape 29 Jun, 2019

Marico Bosveld Marathon, Half Marathon & 10km

South Africa, Ngaka Modiri Molema 01 Oct, 2016

Safaricom Marathon

Kenya, Lewa 30 Jun, 2018

Econet Victoria Falls Marathon

Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls 01 Jul, 2018

Mandela Day Marathon

South Africa, Pietermaritzburg 25 Aug, 2018

Komatipoort Border Marathon

South Africa, Komatipoort 04 Aug, 2018

Carthage Race International Marathon

Tunisia, Carthage 24 Feb, 2019

Kigali Peace Marathon

Rwanda, Kigali 20 May, 2018

Wally Hayward Marathon

South Africa, Centurion 30 Apr, 2018

What’s So Great About Marathons In Africa? What Isn’t?!

If you are looking for your next destination marathon or looking to run your first, Africa is one of the most spectacular countries to find inspiration. From jungle to desert terrain, there are hidden treasures abound.

An escape from the everyday, the scenery of the African countryside is unimaginable. Many places completely devoid of modernity, you will experience sites you never even dreamed.

Regardless if you are a novice runner or a marathon diehard, with so many marathons in Africa to choose from, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Run alongside people from other nations as well as the most fantastic wildlife unlike anywhere else on earth. See Africa from end to end all from foot alongside other travelers from around the globe. From fast and flat to hilly terrain, every type of course is ready and waiting.

What is so great about marathons in Africa? Everything. So, choose the one that inspires you most, pre-register, strap on those shoes, and hit the pavement to train today!

Marathons in Africa 2019, which one will inspire you?

For the athlete looking to run alongside the most exotic creatures ever witnessed, the Serengeti Marathon courses through the Serengeti National Park. Or, try your hand at the Victoria Falls Marathon that takes place in Zimbabwe, Zambia.

Running through the Zambezi National Park, participants get scenic waterfall views abound. For the beachcomber, the Mauritius Marathon has been termed one of the most beautiful marathons in the world. The race runs through blue lagoons on both sides and Creolan Villages that are nearly untouched, as if frozen in time.

The runner who is looking for a little more challenging course than the flat and fast will find what they desire running the Rift Marathon. The trail of the Rift Marathon goes through the UNESCO World Heritage Ruwenzori Mountains. Excellent not just for the mountain backdrop, the marathon is held to support a great cause.

The proceeds from the marathon go to local charities that work with disabled children. Whatever it is that motivates you to hit the pavement running will definitely be enhanced by the abundance of spectacular uniqueness that can be found in Africa. With so many marathons in Africa 2019 to choose from, what are you waiting for? Register and get training today!

Good to Know


You will need certain vaccinations to keep yourself safe when traveling to Africa. Consult your physician to ensure that yours are up to date ahead of time


Overseas travelers will require specific documentation to enter Africa. Make sure that you have everything you need for entrance to go smoothly


Try to stick to tourist areas after dark


Bring along an adapter to charge your appliances


You don’t need to worry about the internet; it is accessible in most cities around Africa

Things To Think About


If you are traveling to Africa for a marathon, plan to do other things while there. Booking ahead will ensure that you don’t miss out


Since there are many remote areas that you might want to travel to, renting a car might be a good idea


If you are going to run in a hilly marathon, you will have to consider how the altitude will affect your running abilities


Make sure that you have the basics of first aid like Motrin and blister band-aids for post-marathon soreness


Consider bringing some energy snacks, just in case they aren’t readily available

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