Serengeti Safari Marathon

Quick facts

Location Tanzania

Distance Marathon

Date 23 Nov 2018

About Serengeti Safari Marathon

The best part is you can connect the run with bush/beaches of Zanzibar safari in the Tanzania National Parks after finishing the marathon or before the 24th November 2018. You can have a safari starting with two nights three days up to ten ninghts eleven days depending on your budget. Please contact us for your safari packages and any other activities. We can organise everything for you in this side.

local communities surrounding our National Parks.
for promoting conservation awareness and anti-poaching campaigns to the
of international tourist through Sports Tourism. It is a unique platform
The main goal is to promote domestic tourism while increasing the number
it's the only Marathon which runs in the famous Serengeti National Park.
Serengeti Safari Marathon 2018 is an event of its own uniqueness as



  • 42.195km


  • 21.098km


  • 5km



On 23rd Nov. 2018 will be at Lamadi guest houses costing USD 20.00 per person booked in advance. On 24th can be anywhere USD 150 - 250.00 per person

After Race Services

Taking you back to the guest house for shower and organise your transport back if booked with us. Meals and Drinks vendors will be on own expenses

Age Limit

12 years fro Fun Run and 16 years fro all marathons and for non-runners any age is welcomed

Aid Stations

Full equiped and supported Rescue & First Aid Team available with very high qualified personnel. CF Hospital is on top of this service.

Award Medals

Well designed bronze medals and wrist bands for Serengeti Safari Marathon will be awarded to all runners who made in time except for Fun Run.

Equipment Storage

A small tent will be provided for storage of small items as the race is happening in the bush

Maximum Time

Half Marathon is four (4) hours closing finish lineFull Marathon is six (6) hours closing finish line


Parking space is provided on free cost

Provided Photo Service

We a have full shooting team for the even and for personalised photos an early request must be submitted which will cost USD 100.00 per person.


Above 12 years for Fun Run and above 16 years old fro marathons. Disabled category isn't available this year.

Race Kit Includes

Wristband, Medals, Water, T-shirt, Fliers and many more.


Soda and water will be provided along the running routes for registered runners only


The marathons takes place in November which is a good month as the weather is good meaning not hot not cold and no rains


It takes full day from Arusha to Lamadi by bus driving through Ngorongoro and Serengeti. From Mwanza it's about three hours to Lamadi must be on 23rd


Serengeti National Park, Tanzania



The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.