The Perfect Marathon in Asia is Waiting for You…What are You Waiting for?

Asia is quite arguably one of the most exotic and vast lands imaginable. Historic architecture and traditional rituals abound, some parts of Asia have completely escaped the modernity that has swept other countries worldwide.

If you are looking for the perfect marathon destination to try your hand at, then there are an abundance of spectacular marathon Asia events to choose from. Whether you are a ... Continue Reading

Things To Think About


Are there participation limits for your chosen marathon? If so, pre-registration is certainly recommended


The weather in Asia can be grueling during specific times of the year. Know what the weather is likely to be when you are running, so you can train and dress appropriately


Where do you want to stay? Make sure that you are making accommodations through reputable sites for travel


How much time do you need to be marathon-ready? Don’t rush yourself and end up hugely disappointed


Don’t underestimate how the difference in altitude or temperature will affect your running. Read up and train to make it to the finish line

Flat and fast or trailblazing - Upcoming marathons in Asia 2024

Runners looking for a spiritual renewal will find what they are looking for in the Bhutan International Marathon. Athletes come from all across the globe to run in this unique event that has participants traveling through monasteries, the rainforest, the Khamsum Vulley Temple and small villages, only to end at the Punakha Dzong.

The zen journey has enough religious communal to take your mind off of the punishing 26.2 mile/42.2 kilometer trek. Night owl runners will find their nirvana at the Sundown Marathon Singapore. Right before sundown, runners begin to race about the F1 pit at Marina Bay Sands all under bring lights and accompanied by 30,000 instant friends.

One of the most scenic, and hailed as the most challenging marathons, is located in China. The Great Wall Marathon courses though Yin and Yang Square located in the Hyangyaguan fortress, across the Great Wall, and even passing through small villages to get a glimpse into a rare and ancient way of life.

For the thrill seeker, the Everest Marathon has been voted the most adventurous and highest marathon in the world. The historic route starts to Mt. Everest Base camp, and although being mostly downhill, there is no smooth sailing to this challenging feat. 

If you want a very special experience, what about joining the Istanbul Marathon? It is the only marathon in the world that includes two continents in one course. You can start running in Asia and finish in Europe!

No matter what your running style, skill level, or desire is for running a marathon, you can find exactly the right fit at a marathon Asia 2024 event. Chose the one that will get you inspired, pre-register, strap those shoes on, and get training today!

Borneo Marathon

Laguna Phuket Marathon

Angkor Empire Marathon

Taipei Marathon

Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

OMT Beirut Marathon 2024

Good to Know


Be mindful of the local tap water. It can make you sick, so beware of even those foods that have been rinsed in it


To travel to most parts of Asia, you will need the proper documentation. Have everything in order well ahead of time, so that you aren’t scrambling last minute to make your event


Specific vaccinations are required to travel to Asia, consult with your physician to have your shots up to date


There is no traffic pattern, so be prepared to see people driving on both sides of the streets


Asia is seeping in tradition, know the basics of etiquette, so you don’t end up offending those who welcome you

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