The market for runners has grown exponentially the last decade. We estimate the number of runners participating in a long-distance race to 50 million annually. There are many thousands of races and we can see an upward trend especially in China, India and Russia. In addition to more traditional city marathons, we can see a trend with conceptual races such as Color run and Trail/nature races.

World’s Marathons was founded 2015 in Sweden. Today our team spreads around the globe with team members based in Malmö, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Jamaica. The beta site went live in early 2016 and today new features are implemented on a weekly basis.

The vision of is to become the leading global service for sport events. Our passion is to drive innovation and provide a cutting edge services for both athletes and race organizers.

World’s Marathons was selected to join STING's accelerator program in 2016 and is now a member of one of Europe's leading start-up hubs SUP46 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Quick facts

  • Started: 2016
  • Locations: Stockholm, Malmö, Amsterdam, Jamaica, Lisboa



World's Marathons