The market for runners has grown exponentially the last decade. We estimate the number of runners participating in a long-distance race to 50 million annually. There are many thousands of races and we can see an upward trend especially in China, India and Russia. In addition to more traditional city marathons, we can see a trend with conceptual races such as Color run and Trail/nature races.

World’s Marathons was founded 2015 in Sweden. Today our team spreads around the globe with team members based in Malmö, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Jamaica. The beta site went live in early 2016 and today new features are implemented on a weekly basis.

The vision of is to become the leading global service for sport events. Our passion is to drive innovation and provide a cutting edge services for both athletes and race organizers.

World’s Marathons was selected to join STING's accelerator program in 2016 and is now a member of one of Europe's leading start-up hubs SUP46 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Quick facts

  • Started: 2016
  • Locations: Stockholm, Malmö, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Prague, Berlin


ANNOUNCEMENT: World’s Marathons and Ahotu join forces

World’s Sports Group AB, with World’s Marathons in its portfolio, and Ahotu Marathons, has agreed to merge the two companies and creating the world’s largest online platform for long distance racing.

World’s Sports Group AB, which runs since 2016, is a global company headquartered in Sweden. Its platform helps runners to explore and buy tickets for running events worldwide. In addition, race organizers are given the opportunity to promote their events to new segments of runners. More than 80% of all tickets sold at, are to international runners located in a different country than the actual event.

By merging our platforms and businesses, we will be able to offer both runners and race organizers new unique services and a splendid user experience, says Charlotte Melchert, CEO of World’s Sports Group. When combining Ahotu’s rich content and World’s Marathon’s advanced digital solutions, it will become a lot easier for runners to find and sign up for their next running challenge, Charlotte concludes.

In 2008, the French ultra-marathon runner Jean-Loup Fenaux founded Ahotu Marathons. Ahotu Marathons grew rapidly and is, since many years, the leading global online running event calendar, providing runners with up-to-date information to about 60,000 events worldwide.

I'm very happy to join the team of World’s Marathons, as we share the same ideals of serving endurance athletes from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin or preferred type of races, says Jean-Loup Fenaux. Together we'll be able to unite runners and organizers on a larger scale, Jean Loup concludes.

Combined, and Ahotu reach 1 million runners per month, which makes us one of the most powerful global channels within endurance sports. However, we just started our journey, and our common goal is to grow significantly going forward, says Charlotte Melchert.

About World’s Marathons: World’s Marathons offers organizers two main solutions: Firstly the advanced booking system Race Office™; secondly outstanding international reach through the marketplace World’s with integrated marketing services.

About Ahotu Marathons: Ahotu Marathons is an online marathon calendar, which helps endurance runners from all over the world find their next race: half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons or multi day races. Whether you are a trail running fan or a star of the road, you'll definitely find your next race in Ahotu’s comprehensive event calendar.

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