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Mispo Winter marathon

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Quick facts

Location Vändra, Estonia

Distance Marathon

Date 04-05 Dec 2020

About Mispo Winter marathon

2-day small road marathon. You have the perfect opportunity to rack up your kilometers with 2 days of running. All 4 distances are available on both days.



Accommodation available in nearby hostel. Ask race organizer for contact

After Race Services

There will be shower, sauna and catering services available after the race. After the second day there will be an award ceremony around 4pm and a dance party with live music and performances starting from 7 at Vändra Culture House

Aid Stations

There is one aid station each round

Award Medals

Every participant will get a medal and a diploma. Best 3 of 21 km and 42 km will be awarded

Equipment Storage

There is unsupervised storage

Maximum Time

6 h


Parking available on Culture house parking places and nearby road

Provided Photo Service

Photographer taking photos in the beginning and end of race

Race Kit Includes

Number with timechip


There are 2 refreshments stations on each round. At the start and 3.5 km point. 


Timing with a chip on your numer

Mispo Winter marathon Route Map

Mispo Winter marathon Route Map


Kalda 6, Vändra, 87701 Pärnu maakond, Estonia



Mispo Winter marathon Ticket prices: €15.00 - €30.00

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