Runner in the spotlight: Marilyn Pasno (Part 2)

Runner in the spotlight: Marilyn Pasno (Part 2)

Marilyn is a proud 63-year old American by choice, and a Filipino by bloodline, living in New Jersey, USA.

We got to hear about her first running experience at the New York City 9/11 Memorial & Museum 5K Run Walk in 2018. (If you haven’t read it, check out that interview in “Runner in the spotlight: Marilyn Pasno (Part 1)”)

Today we dig deep about her love for running by asking her some more questions!

How has running changed your life?

Why would I even fall in love with Running at age 60? Running did not necessarily change my life. I’d rather describe my FunRunning to herald my zest for life! FunRun appears like a vitamin to supplement the wonderful time and faculty bestowed upon me by our Creator. More so, I found FunRunning becomes much more enjoyable and meaningful if I just do it for a Cause: for love, peace, for the benefit of the needy, in addition to my personal celebration of being alive and well, fit and happy. 

What is running for you?

Recently, I have viewed Running as a spice of life, a celebration of being alive and well.

Some time ago, I had thought that Running is just a way of escape. On the contrary, that old thinking was transformed otherwise. It may need some wisdom to think Running is akin to a celebration of life. A celebration of using our healthy limbs; to enjoy the gravity of our lovely earth; to enjoy nature, the change of weather; to feel the joy, enthusiasm, competitiveness of other Runners. Likewise, it is also a proven fact that Running is a way of escape to protect our life and others from danger or the fury of the weather; to compete for a prize; to inspire others; to deliver love and happiness to the needy and humanity; and more so, to feel the ecstasy of enjoyment and content for being alive and well.

What is your dream as a runner?

My new dream as a Runner: to cross other borders beyond Virtual Runs and COVID-19.

If given a chance, I like to Run or tread other lands beyond the perimeter of my homes. Although COVID-19 figuratively and literally trashed my Running schedule in Reykjavik, Iceland (together with my Clifton Road Runners Club colleagues) and in Thessaloniki, Greece this year 2020, I still look forward the Rainbow beyond COVID-19: to Run in other places beyond my home sweet home here in the USA and in the Philippines. I would love to cross borders to FunRun on various tracks.

How has your running experience been during the pandemic?

In the middle of this pandemic, Virtual FunRunning has been my take this year. I love it. Virtual FunRunning is all about Freedom, too, in its rarest sense. You can choose your own time, your own tracks, your own mood. Fanfare in absentia, I have enjoyed competing in my own terms and my own FunRun Motto. I Run not to compete nor to keep up with anyone; I’d rather Run for Fun, to keep up with myself, my own breathing, my own heart rate, my own comfort for love, peace, and some good cause.

Please tell us about your FunRun motto.

Obeying my Body and Nature: No Pain, a lot of Gain.

I am very sensitive to my body’s limits as each one’s condition or capability is unique. I always consider Safety a top health policy including in Running. I follow or obey my own body, and nature, too. When I sign up for a Run, I finally make the decision to Run on the very day of the Run schedule: to check equally the condition of both my mind and body plus the Nature around it. If they all go together in harmony: it is Run Time. That’s why I listen to and obey my body just like obeying my thirst and hunger. I have proved that having no pain has a lot of gain.

For three years now, I have had no injury in Running except in Mid-September this year (2020) after finishing some 7 Virtual Runs. My injury? My two right toes and toenails got hurt. The remedy: a brief Rest from Running and purchasing two new shoes to try on. They worked. Rest is like a miracle in healing. More comfortable shoes help in the “miracle.” 

I will keep on Running for Fun and Enjoyment especially when no one sees me; even if my Running tracks are in the quiet hallways of my work place, or on the stairwells of some buildings. It does not matter if my FunRun is about 100 rapid paces or a mere ten superquick steps, as long as I feel safe and good about it. I will not mind FunRunning to celebrate Life, Love, Peace, Equality, Harmony, or for some good cause, and simply for being alive and well. I feel that FunRun is a real spice in my life and one of the many ways to count my blessings. To Run for a Cause is even a mere bonus but can make one’s life even more meaningful.

Sounding redundant, on top of everything: I simply enjoy FunRunning with the great thoughts that I am Alive and Well with my loved ones being around, including my friends, my work colleagues, everyone, and all the Runners in the world who embrace what is Good to one and all.

Thank you, Marilyn, for joining our interview! 
It was very inspiring to hear how she enjoys Running as a way to celebrate life to the fullest.

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