Runner in the spotlight: Marilyn Pasno (Part 1)

Runner in the spotlight: Marilyn Pasno (Part 1)

Marilyn is a retired industrial pharmacist, who is now practising as a pharmacy technician in New Jersey, the United States.
At age 60, she turned to be an avid FunRunner after her first Trial Run experience in 2018.

We had a great honour to have an interview with her to hear about her running experience and her motivations!

Today we are sharing about her first running experience and how it became such a special experience for her.

Please share your story about your first running experience.

My first official running experience seemed a Comedy of Error. Initially, I thought it was the April 22, 2018, New York City 9/11 Memorial & Museum 5K Run Walk in World Trade Center/Lower Manhattan Marina (Brookfield Place, Battery Park). Even then, my slow less-than-an-hour Finish and the total experience was very meaningful because my loved ones were around me. 

My husband, my daughter, and I were supposed to all Walk at my husband’s wishes. At the last minute of the Starting Ceremony, with my daughter’s prodding, “Mom, just go if you want to Run; don’t worry, I will Walk with Daddy,” I just let myself loose, squeezed myself into the big crowd of Runners to join the Second or Third Wave of Runners. 

My feet felt like flying with joy ... and Run, there I went. Literally with no real previous physical training nor physical preparation, I knew I was very slow, especially when I observed so many Runners go past me. That did not bother me at all; instead, I enjoyed the cool, peaceful, quite chilly morning breeze in the Battery Park. 
I became more excited while watching the back of more Runners going past me, plus more groups of happy-sounding Runners who seemed to be friends and/or families based on their conversation. 
There was even a couple who affirmed that they flew from England just to Run on that date. Similarly, I was enjoying the thought that my daughter Marily and husband Albin were having some leisurely Walk trailing behind me. In this 9/11 NYC Run, I witnessed a Runner tripped past me, that before I even stopped to help her, one other Runner behind helped her first to get up. 

On the First Mile Mark, groups of volunteers would offer cups of water and so many terms and Words of Cheers like “You’re almost there; you can do it...” and so much Clapping and Smiles of Encouragement.
At the Finish Line, what a great feeling to meet a bunch of Strangers-Cheerers all clapping, shouting with joy like “Good Job,” “You Made It,” “Great Job,” and more Cheers of Accolade despite my getting soaking wet with perspiration. I was soon met by cheerful volunteers handing me bottles of water, apple, banana ... all volunteers were beaming with joy in the middle of abundant healthy food and drinks on the tables offered to the Finishers. 

Repeat... Here’s the Comedy of Error. Much to my Finish Line Surprise, my husband must have been the Fastest and First to reach past the Finish Line. How did it happen? He skipped the real Walk Tracks; joined my daughter’s boyfriend to wait for us at the Finish Line. Before I even saw them, I found out that my daughter, over the phone, was left Running, starting at 17-minutes after I left the Starting Line. 

That was an unexpectedly funny, incredible FunRun experience which turned more meaningful as my loved ones were around me and that my daughter was also Running with me for the first time. I felt so much joy that it was a Run for a Cause, in memory of the 9/11 Tragedy and First Responders’ Heroism. I also dedicated this Run in memory of my Mom Victoria whose birthday falls on April 29.

I simply considered this Run as really FUNRUN. I could not stop Running since then.

Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing your amazing story about your first experience! 

Are you curious about how she has been running since then? Stay tuned for part 2!