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Brussels Marathon the ultimate route to discover the centre of Europe

Brussels Marathon the ultimate route to discover the centre of Europe

For someone who is looking for the perfect challenge to take them from an urban run to an uphill battle, the Brussels Marathon is one to add to the list. Not just for the racers, the entire town joins in the celebration with people set on both sides of the tracks not just be spectators, but to cheer marathon runners to the finish line.

Brussels is the official capital region of Belgium. It is located in the nineteen municipalities that comprise Belgium. Unlike other European cities that have a huge urban beat and lots of hustle and bustle, Brussels has a smaller “quaint” feel. A very eclectic downtown, the architecture is the perfect cacophony of mix matches genres, styles, and ages, which all seem to blend beautifully to make a symphony. Although not considered the most beautiful cities in Europe; it is definitely something to see. The Brussels Marathon, held in the fall, is the perfect combination of road race alongside off-road tracking, which makes the race a microcosm of the city itself. 

The Brussels Marathon is a one that is the perfect combination of hills, tough terrain, and urban coolness. 

Not for the faint of heart or beginner, although sounding somewhat tame, it is a course filled with hilly obstacles that will challenge even the seasoned marathoners. Circling the city that is riddled with various types of unique architecture that just seems to fit, yet not fit at all, racers get a first-hand view of all that Brussels has to offer. The race also tangents off into the woods where you get to see the greener and more natural side of Brussels.

A varied route through the city

An AIMS-certified Marathon race, the run takes place in October and parades right through the downtown city center. Once you make a loop around the city, runners go through the Brussels park and head east to Tervuren. Not just a road race, racers get an excellent view of the city on foot going through Cinquantenaire Park, the Capuchin Forest, the Woluwe Park, the Bois de la Cambre and the Royal Belgium Golf Club.

Although most of the route is a fast road race, when the path veers off into the woods, it will challenge even the most seasoned athlete. Participants will only have five hours to finish the race. So, those who want to participate, better be ready to hit the ground running, literally.

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