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Ian Milne White Peak Marathon

Quick facts

Location Thorpe, United Kingdom

Distance Marathon

Date 16 May 2020


Half Marathon

  • 21.097km


  • 42.195km


After Race Services

The event hub will be open for changing and showering, and there will be a bar and TV.

Aid Stations

There will be 7 feed stations spaced out as evenly as possible along the marathon course.

Maximum Time

Competitors in the marathon who have not reached Minninglow (approximately 16 miles) within 3 1/4 hours will be required to retire.





Cromford meadows



The marathon starts at Thorpe and follows the Tissington Trail, up the dales to north of Parsley Hay, where it does
an about turn then takes a left fork to follow the High Peak Trail. From here it undulates level till it joins the half
marathon part of the route at Friden. After this the track descends in three stages, at about 21, 22½ and 24½ miles,
the last descent being about 1-mile-long down the steep incline to the Cromford canal at High Peak Junction. At this
point, the canal crossing directly ahead is ignored in favour of a right turn and heading along the canal path for a
short distance until the next bridge is reached. After crossing the bridge and turning left, there's just over a mile to go
along the tow path before turning right into Cromford meadows for the finish.

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