The Puffin Run

08 May 2021 (Sat)



The Puffin Run

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The race is 20km trail run on a island south of Iceland, Vestmannaeyjar ( Westman Islands ). The route is 20 km, and you can choose whether to take part in the solo run or be a part of  2 or 4 people teams that divide the distance between them.

The course goes more or less around the island alongside the coast with spectacular views over the Atlantic ocean.

Mostly is it on wild trails close to the sea, with small parts on asphalt roads with little or no traffic.

Course Highlights

The race starts at Skansinn (historic fortress built 1586) to west past FES trough Ægisgötu and Tangagötu. From there everyone go in to Skipasandur and up to Strandvegur. There we take small loop on a trail track beneath a big cliff (follow orange marked sticks) until you hit a street again and fallow that all the way to Herjólfsdalur. There you take one circle around the pond and continue to west on rock laid path trough the beautiful golf course all the way to Kaplagjóta. From there you take the same route back 100m and continue on a small path to south with the sea view on your right side and the golf course on your left side. First drinking stations is shortly after you past the golf course (5km).

From there you continue all the way south to the black beach Klauf and then up to the road half way up to Stórhöfði where you exit the road to right on to a grassy trail track and there you should find some Puffins flying around. Continue on the path (orange marked sticks) all the way to the top of Stórhöfðu where the next drinking stations is (10km).

Continue down the road from Stórhöfði and follow the road all the way until you almost hit the airplane ranway, then you turn to right (to east) and you are back on a trail track. From there you should run all the way to the end of the runway and past it on the east end and follow the path all the way to Eldfell (the Volcano from 1973) where the next drinking station is (15km).

From there you continue to a red sandy path almost half way around Eldfell (almost into the crater) until you hit a sandy road and there you need to take a right turn and follow that sandy road with small loop from right to left. Continue until you hit a asphalt road and take a right turn down that road where you will get amazing view to north up to the mainland. When you have almost reach the end of the asphalt road, then you turn to left into a bit rocky red sandy path. This path is very technical and around 1km. You run this path until you hit a viewing platform. From there you run down to north to a rocky beach (Skansfjara) trough rocky path around 200m and then on a solid path until you hit the finish line where the race started

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Course profile

20 Km

Route map

directions_runStart Address: Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

flagFinish Address: Skansinn, Iceland

The Puffin Run Route Map


After Race Services

Free access to the swimming pool 

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The Puffin Run

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