Philips Half Marathon Pila

Quick facts

Location Pila, Poland

Distance Half marathon

Date 08 September, 2019

About Philips Half Marathon Pila

Philips Half Marathon Pila Route Map

Philips Half Marathon Pila Route Map


Boh, Pila

aleja Jana Pawła II, Piła, Poland


Plac Zwyciestwa, Pila.

plac Zwycięstwa 16, Piła, Poland




The run is held in a small loop in the city centre and a large one around the city, with great cheers of the residents of Staszic’s town. The route has the certificates of IAAF, AIMS and the Polish Association of Athletics.The marathon will start from Boh. Stalingradu street and finish at plac Zwyciestwa, Pila.

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