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Nara Marathon

Quick facts

Location Nara, Japan

Distance Marathon

About Nara Marathon

Nara Marathon 2015, including the Heijo Miyaato, Nara is adopted in the course a number of locations that boast to the world, we will fully convey Nara’s charm as well as improve the promotion of sports through the marathon.Nara Marathon began in Nara city, Japan as part of the celebrations for its 1300 year anniversary! Imagine running through the ancient Capital city, the same streets as the samurai once rode their horses. There are different levels, from 42.195 km course to 3 km course, so it seems many people enjoy it.


Nara Marathon

  • 42.195km

3 km

  • 3km

Nara 10 km Run

  • 10km

Nara City Konoike Athletics Stadium.



Heijo Miyaato


Marathon starts and finishes at Nara City Konoike Athletics Stadium. The turn-around point is in Tenri City. The course incorporates a number of world-class location Nara will fully convey the charm of Nara in the promotion of sports as well as through a marathon.

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