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Trail-Marathon du Mt. Agou

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Quick facts

Location Kpalime, Togo

Distance Marathon

About Trail-Marathon du Mt. Agou

Run the Mount Kilimanjaro of Togo, called Mt. Agou. You will not step into snow but have a great experience "climbing" the peak altitude of only 986 meters. My favorite mountain villages are waiting for you. It is an undiscovered world in the heart of Togo. This Trail-Marathon is part of the Africain Marathon Challenge, a series of charity events. We will start in the area of the AGERTO project, crossing the market at Kpalimé-Zongo, running straight on dirt roads facing Mt. Agou. Running around the mountain almost before we gain altitude from KM 27 on. There is another world waiting for us: The air gets fresher, the trails narrower. Crystal clear water from the mountain will refresh you in the middle of the beautiful tropical mountain forest. The villages are artwork carved in stone. Created over centuries. As guests we'll become part of their magic for a short but intense period of time. Maybe you'll like to stay infinitely writing a novel here like I wish every time being around. But we are on the run: Downhill on narrow trails passing solitary tree giants meeting friendly local people passing by. The marathon ends in Agou Nyogbo, a peaceful village at the foot of the mountain. You will be proud and keep on smiling while trying to understand that this day will change your life...

This event will be the 2nd day of the double event: "Running the Trails of Togo: A weekend in runners paradise". Please visit for details, the interactive maps and a description of our longterm charity projects.



In Kpalimé there are many friendly hotels of different categories. You can also camp in the AGERTO project (start area).

After Race Services

A local fufu dinner is planned in the finish area. We organize the transfer back to the starting area in Kpalimé, which takes about 30 minutes. Showers can be taken in the AGERTO area.

Age Limit

Minimum age is 18 years

Aid Stations

11 points of Refreshment, approx. every 5 K. Water, local tropical fruits, local bananas, salt. peanuts

Award Medals

Ceremonies 15 am, located at the finish area Marathon Women rankings 1st - 3rd Marathon Men rankings 1st - 3rd. Every Finisher of the Marathon will get a T-Shirt and a very special artwork medal. Equality of rewards for 1st-3rd rank of Women an Men. Pricemoney not yet fixed

Equipment Storage

in the start area at AGERTO project in Kpalimé

Maximum Time

9 hours (42,7 K, total climb 1140 m, total descent 1140 m)


in the start area at AGERTO project in Kpalimé

Provided Photo Service

The photos will be published on the website

Race Kit Includes

BIB with map, AMC-Ballpen (metal pen with lasered logo of the AMC). Finisher-Shirt, Medal.




Togo Leading Athletics Association


We organize the transfer back to the starting area in Kpalimé, which takes about 30 minutes.

Trail-Marathon du Mt. Agou Route Map

Trail-Marathon du Mt. Agou Route Map


Kpalime, Togo

Trail-Marathon du Mt. Agou Ticket prices: €3.00 - €75.00

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