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Ghost Train Trail Races

Quick facts

Distance Ultra marathon

About Ghost Train Trail Races

The Ghost Train Rail Trail Race  race is for people who love running in the woods and are pretty self-sufficient and can take care of themselves. It is New Hampshire’s one and only 100 mile race, and is only one of two ultras in the Granite State! a race that welcomes new trail runners into the sport as well as provide a solid race for more experienced runners.

In the spirit of Halloween, expect to see some interesting things along the trail. We don’t call it the "Ghost Train" race for nothing. This is possibly the only race in the world that guarantees it will be haunted.

For the ultra, runners may run any multiple of 15 miles or 100 miles. The race also features a 15 mile run.


45 Mile Ultra

  • 72.4203km

15 Mile Race

  • 24.1401km

90 Mile Ultra

  • 144.8406km

60 Mile Ultra

  • 96.5604km

100 Mile Ultra

  • 160.934km

30 Mile Ultra

  • 48.2802km

75 Mile Ultra

  • 120.7005km



There is a limited amount of camping in Brookline.

Aid Stations

There are three aid stations every 7.5 miles. In addition, there might be secret helpers out on the course with goodies, and maybe even a mysterious ghost-like aid station...

Award Medals

There will be a 100 mile unique finisher's prize. It won't be a medal, but it will be cool. There is also a participation award.


For hydration, there will be water, energy drink, and soda. During the night there will be hot coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. For food, there will be the standard hot soup or broth, cookies, candy, chips, pretzels, fruit, etc. There will also be salted potatos, turkey and cheese sandwiches, and PB&J's.


Camp Tevya



The course is very scenic.


The race starts and finishes at Camp Tevya.

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