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Cal-Neva Marathon

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The Cal-Neva Marathon is a boutique marathon limited 100 to a la carte runners. It is run as part of the Tahoe Triple. The course starts at Sand Harbor, which is south of Incline Village, and ends near Meadow Road & H89 just south of Homewood, CA. This marathon can be run a la carte or as part of the Triple Marathon.

The views of Lake Tahoe are glorious and the race support is surprisingly good (if sparse) for such a small race. Not very many spectators but the ones who show are very enthusiastic.


Sand Harbor

2005 NV-28, New Washoe City, NV 89704, USA


Meadow Road & H89 just south of Homewood, CA.

6290 W Lake Blvd, Tahoma, CA 96142, USA




The Saturday Cal-Neva Marathon is the fastest and flatest of the 3 marathons. The second half of the marathon is the "Carnelian Bay Half Marathon that starts at Carnealian Bay. The first part of the Marathon is in NV and the balance is in CA, meaning it can be counted for either state in your quest to run all 50 states.

The views of this race are incredible, starting at Sand Harbor and running along the lake counter clockwise. The Cal-Neva Marathon starts at about 6230' and ends at lake level, near 6230'.

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