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Snickers Marathon & Half Marathon

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Distance Marathon

Date 06 Mar 2021

About Snickers Marathon & Half Marathon

Surrounded by groves of pecan trees, farms and rural plantation-style homes, the city of Albany puts its ample Southern charm on display for the annual running of its marathon and half-marathon race, which makes its annual running in March.The Albany Marathon, Inc. is one of the top Boston Qualifiers in the country. We pride ourselves on giving you an extraordinary experience, with plenty of Southern hospitality! From first-timers to veterans, our runners are our top priority. 

The marathon and half marathon course is filled with supportive volunteers, cheering spectators and the chance to make great friends. What better way to accomplish a lifetime achievement?Formerly known as the Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon & Half Marathon, the race is described by both organizers and last year’s participants as fast and flat, with the start and finish lines at riverfront park areas along the city’s stretch of the Flint River.Once you do get out into the neighborhoods, the scenery is impressive, complete with trees with hanging Spanish moss and beautifully styled homes.



  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Front Street next to Veteran's Park,



RiverFront Park



Run entirely on paved city streets, college campus avenues and residential neighborhood roads, the race starts at downtown Albany’s Veteran’s Park and takes runners past sights like its historic Sand Dunes area, thought to be the northernmost reach of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico thousands of years back. Runners are directed through the town and suburbs, with musical entertainment provided en-route


 The race will travel north in the right hand lane on Front Street to Oglethorpe. Turn right on Oglethorpe. Turn right on College Drive into Albany State University. Turn left before the parking lot and travel behind Wiley Residence Hall.  Turn right in front of Library and travel next to the athletic fields. Turn left on Radium Springs Road and merge into the far right lane.

Turn right on Sands Drive.Turn left on Oglethorpe Blvd. and move to far right hand lane.Turn right on Monroe and travel in the far left lane.Turn left on Pine Avenue and travel west in the far left hand lane. Turn left on Gillionville and runners will be in the far left hand lane. Turn left on Meadowlark. Turn right on the back road next to Maintenance Bldg. Turn left to continue on Loop Road around the back of campus. Turn left on Gillionville and run in the far left lane. Turn right on Weymouth. Turn left on East Doublegate. Turn right on Old Dawson Road and run in the right lane. Turn right on East Doublegate. 

Turn left on Club Drive. Turn left on East Alberson. Turn right on Wexford Drive. Turn right on Devon Drive. Turn left on Westgate and run in the far right lane. Turn right on Hanover. Turn left on Kenilworth.  Turn a soft right on Lakeridge and travel around Lake Loretta.  Turn right on Pineknoll. Turn left on Greenwood. Turn left on Valley. Turn right on Hilltop. Turn right on Stuart and run in the right lane. Turn right on Homewood. Turn left on Whispering Pines and travel in the right hand lane. Cross Slappey (soft right) and turn left on 14th Avenue. Turn right on Palmyra and travel in the right hand lane.

Turn right on 9th Avenue. Turn left on N. Davis. Turn left on 7th and run around Rawson Circle to the second 6th Avenue intersection. Turn left on 6th Ave. Turn left on Cleveland. Turn left on 5th Ave. Turn right on Harding. Turn left on 3rd and run in the left lane around the limesink towards Monroe. Turn left on Monroe. Turn right on 5th Avenue. Turn right on Washington. Turn left on Roosevelt. Run through Thronateeska Breezeway. Turn right and go out the back down the RiverFront Walk. Finish at RiverFront Park.

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