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12:1 Run

Quick facts

Distance Half marathon

About 12:1 Run

A scenic, winding and hilly loop along the shoreline of the lake inside southeastern Iowa’s Geode State Park makes up half the route at Danville’s 12:1 Run Half Marathon, which starts near this small Iowa town’s Harmony Bible Church.

The 12:1 Run Half Marathon event is on hard surface roads, is quite hilly and challenging. The race is an out and back course which consists of flat to rolling hills. All 12:1 Run events take place at Harmony Bible Church, located on Highway 79 approximately 12 miles west of Burlington, Iowa. (21589 Hwy. 79, Danville, IA)



  • 10km


  • 5km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Harmony Bible Church



All three races in the event start and finish on the grounds of the church along Highway 79, just to the southwest of Danville — and in addition to the half marathon, the race also features a 15K, 10K and 5K.

From there, runners head out on a course that takes them west along 79 toward Geode State Park, where they make a right turn onto Racine Avenue just after passing the mile 2 marker, and head north toward the race’s first turnaround point.

There’s a quick up-and-back stretch along Racine Avenue (also County Highway X30), followed by another quick west-and-east out-and-back once runners make it back inside the park’s forested areas, and then runners head back south along Racine toward the shoreline of Geode Lake, which gets its name from the prized rocks often found here and in this part of southeastern Iowa, whose sparkling quartz interiors draw gem and rock hunters from around the country.

Runners make their way along the winding park roads south along the lake’s eastern shoreline, all the way down to where the park road meets up with Salem Road. Here, runners turn right and head west as Salem winds around the southern tip of the lake to the race’s second turnaround point, on County Highway J20, just before runners reach the mile 8 marker.

Here, the course then turns runners around to cover the route they’ve just run in the opposite direction, back along the Lake Geode shoreline to Racine Avenue.

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