Italy Marathons, Unlike Anywhere Else on Earth

Événements à venir

Filippide Race

Italy, Chiaramonte Gulfi 04 août, 2019

Marathon of the Cathedrals

Italy, Barletta 05 mai, 2019
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Brixen Dolomiten Marathon

Italy, South Tyrol/Brixen 06 juil., 2019
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Rome International Marathon

Italy, Rome 07 avr., 2019


Italy, Marina di Campo 05 mai, 2019
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Lake Maggiore Marathon

Italy, Verbania 03 nov., 2019

Brescia Art Marathon

Italy, Brescia 10 mars, 2019

Rimini Marathon

Italy, Rimini 31 mars, 2019

Treviso Marathon

Italy, Treviso 31 mars, 2019

Generali Milano Marathon 2019

Italy, Milano 07 avr., 2019

Marathon International du Lac d' Annecy

Italy, Annecy 14 avr., 2019

Turin Marathon

Italy, Turin 03 nov., 2019

Italy Marathons, Unlike Anywhere Else on Earth

Italy may be shaped like a boot, but you are better off seeing it in a pair of sneakers. From beginner marathon athlete to advanced, there is a race for everyone. You can strap on your snowshoes and try for the La Ciaspolada, or strap on your gym shoes for a trek around the volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands. 

The most spectacular countryside on Earth, there is no shortage of races to be won.Whether it is a half marathon at night, or an ultra marathon like the Royal Ultra Skymarathon through the alpine area located in the Gran Paradiso National Park, there are races for every level. One of the most romantic and culturally rich places in the world, see it corner to corner from a runner’s perspective.


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Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Rome International Marathon, Commenté 06 février, 2019

I do not see how anyone can claim that the route is not an interesting one, as you couldn't hope for much more sightseeing on a Marathon route. The chance to run through St Peters Square as Pope Franc...