Marathon races in Denmark

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Telenor Copenhagen Marathon

Denmark, Copenhagen 19 mai, 2019

Thy Trail Marathon

Denmark, Klitmøller 23 févr., 2019

Aalborg Brutal Marathon

Denmark, Aalborg 10 juin, 2019

Viborg City Marathon

Denmark, Viborg 23 sept., 2018

Tórshavn Marathon

Denmark, Tórshavn 02 juin, 2019


Denmark, Aalborg 02 sept., 2018

Skovløberen Marathon

Denmark, Hvalsø 02 sept., 2018

Etapeløb Thy Trail

Denmark, Thy 10 nov., 2018

H.C.A. Marathon

Denmark, Odense 29 sept., 2019

Grenaa City Marathon

Denmark, Grenaa 18 août, 2018

H.C. Andersen Marathon

Denmark, Odense 02 oct., 2016

Skagen Marathon

Denmark, Skagen 06 oct., 2018

Marathon races in Denmark

Although not offering an abundance of big marathons, the ones offered in Denmark are truly unique, fun, and challenging. From trail running to city courses, there is something for every level beginner to advanced. See sites never dreamed of while trekking the Aabenraa Mountain Marathon, or take in the rich history and culture of Copenhagen, with the road running Copenhagen Marathon that attracts thousands from around the globe. Take a grueling run through the white sandy beaches with the North Sea Beach Marathon, a truly unique experience and a difficult one to train for. Whether you are looking for barefoot island running or extreme running, there is truly something for every taste. Take in the sites of the amazing countryside, putting on your shoes and setting a course for adventure.


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