Marathon races in Czech Republic - Are They For You?

Marathon races in Czech Republic - Are They For You?

The Czech Republic may not have a numerous amount of marathons to choose from, but what you are sure to find, is a good mixture of international runners to challenge you. Whether you choose the Volkswagen Prague Marathon, or the International Baroque marathon, you can see the Czech Republic from a unique perspective.  Highly competitive, not just any runner chooses to take on these unique marathons. From the fastest, to the flatest, pick your specialty, strap on your shoes, and hit the pavement ... Continuer la lecture

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Volkswagen Prague Marathon

Czech Republic, 03 mai, 2020

Silva Nortica Run

Czech Republic, Nové Hrady 09 juin, 2018

Kladno Marathon

Czech Republic, Kladno 12 septembre, 2020

Hannah Pilsen Trail 'Radeč Marathon'

Czech Republic, Habr u Volduch, Czech republic 25 avril, 2020

Hannah Pilsen Trail 'Krkavec'

Czech Republic, Plzeň (Autocamp Ostende) 14 novembre, 2020

Nature Marathon

Czech Republic, Třeboň 19 octobre, 2019

Hannah Pilsen Trail 'Letkov 40'

Czech Republic, Letkov 30 mai, 2020

Ročník Sršského Maratónu

Czech Republic, Srch 16 novembre, 2019


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