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Three fun and useful running apps

Three fun and useful running apps

Nowadays there's a whole World of technology inside our phones that can motivate us to get through a tough race and help us reach our running goals. Here are 3 fun and useful iPhone running apps:

Zombies Run is a fun app that offers an immersive running experience to those runners that could use a little push to finish their races! You'll be taken through a Zombie attack survival mission, in which you'll need to gather supplies and save people, while running for your life! Realistic sound effects and voice actors turn this app into a very credible fantasy, and you'll have the fun of your life running away from a bunch of zombies!

Runkeeper is THE app that many professional runners use for tracking their pacing, steps and distance. It's a fully-packed app - among many other features, it helps you find new running buddies and share your progress with them, it connects with other popular apps (like Fitbit, Pebble and Apple Watch), you can play your favourite iTunes or Spotify tracks with it (the app even matches the rhythm of the songs with your runs, so no need to skip between tracks!), it creates custom training plans and you can even set it to remind you to buy a new pair of running shoes when you reach your desired milage!

Charity Miles is a great app for the runners that want to make a difference! It uses your phones' GPS and motion sensors to detect your movements and measure the distances you reach, either by running, walking or cycling. It then gives you money as a reward for working out, and you can offer it to any of the 37 charity organizations that are associated with the app. You can also join or create Teams, which helps you build a community to help you earn even more money for the charities that you care about. What a fantastic motivation to get off the couch, isn't it?

So, tell us, have you tried any of these? What are the running apps that you're currently using and why?