Helsingborg Marathon

Quick facts

Location Helsingborg, Sweden

Distance Marathon

Date 31 August, 2019

About Helsingborg Marathon

The idea about Helsingborg marathon sprung in 2012. The brothers-in-law; Andreas Gartmyr & Simon Wikstrand realized that Helsingborg offered a great place for marathoners - a variety in environment and a unique coastal line and natural rift. But that there was no marathon in place. 

Lots of work and planning lead to the city's first marathon race in 2014.The race have attracted more and more runners and is now one if the biggest races in southern Sweden. The route takes you through many different areas and offers fantastic views of the Helsingborg area.

The start is located in the heart of Helsingborg and the course will take you south past the future university venture Campus. You are now running along a wide industrial road that leads your thoughts to Berlin, until you gaze towards west and you discover the ocean. The smell of smoked salmon from Råå harbour is inviting and you feeling slowly starts to sink in. This isn’t like the other races. Less than a kilometer later you are running towards the woods and Ättekulla wildlife preserve. You have now begun your trip along the 15km long The rift that runs through Helsingborg. By this time you have forgot the heavy feeling in your legs and body. Now you feel like you are quicker than the wind.



  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.098km

Resurs Bank Relay

  • 42.195km

Dole Kids Run

  • 1.6km



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Age Limit


Aid Stations

Along the route

Award Medals

Medal included in fee

Equipment Storage

Bag check-in and check-out will be held at the finish area on Gröningen. Helsingborg Marathon takes no responsibility for valuables.

Maximum Time

The maximum time limit for Helsingborg Marathon is 6 hour, the  ATEA Helsingborg Half Marathon is 3 hours and the Resurs Bank Relay is 5 hours.


8 refreshment stations with water, fruit and sports drinks


Every runner gets an electronic chip in their queue ticket which controls the timekeeping. 


Free buses

Helsingborg Marathon Route Map

Helsingborg Marathon Route Map


Outside Dunkers Kulturhus

Sundstorget 1, 252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden



Karl Johans gata 34, 252 67 Helsingborg, Sweden




In the Ramlösa brunnspark you reach a water station near the original Ramlösa well and you feel stronger than ever. The run towards, and through, Jordbodalen and Viskängen reminds you of all the early morning runs. You feel strong and fresh when you in the distance spot an arena. Minutes later you run past Helsingborg Football Clubs home stadium Olympia. The forest path leads you into Fredriksdal where you see both goats and pigs and all of the sudden you are experiencing country life within the city. You reach the halfway mark when passing the newly built Helsingborg Arena and a couple of minutes later you see it. Standing tall, watching over the city is the medieval tower Kärnan. The panorama view over the city is breathtaking and you can now see the ocean and Denmark again.

The bike path leads you through Öresundsparken north, into the beautiful Pålsjö forest . The course then takes you through beautiful Maria Park and down towards one of the most magical sights you have ever seen. Öresund and Denmark covers the horizon as you run along the The rift leading down to the ocean. When you come close to Sofiero Castle Gardens something unexpected happens. You now realize that you are about to run through the gardens, not past them. The great castle stands proud and when you run past it you know you did the right thing when you registered for the race.

You gain new powers when the 700m long Tinkarpsbacken leads you back down towards the ocean. You increase your speed, running parallel to the ocean along Strandvägen and when you run past the beach you know that it’s only one kilometer left. You think about all the interval training, all the stairs you have run up and down during winter when you run the last kilometer towards the finish area at Gröningen. You raise both hands in the air and you know.

Next year, you’re going to run the race again.


The race starts in the heart of Helsingborg and then takes you south. You almost get the feeling of being in Berlin when running along Industrial Road, until you turn towards the West and discover the sea. From the marina you can sence the fragnance of seaweed and smoked eel. 

Less than a kilometer later you find yourself running along a gentle slope up towards Ättekulla and the Landborgspromenaden. Here you will fly forward.In Ramlösa brunnspark you are served fluid and feel stronger than ever. The run continues through scenic Jorbodalen and on to Viskängen. You will feel refreshed, healthy and strong. From a distance you see a stadium. Minutes later, you run past HIFS home stadium Olympia. You later enter more rural grounds and even pass farm animals.

 After a lap at Fredriksdal you passes through Helsingborg Arena. More than half the race has passed when the high fortress is revealed. Proud and confident it stands as it has for centuries, and the view (and maybe also the run) makes you speechless.Following the bike trail through the beautiful Öresund park you reach amazing Pålsjö Forest. Denmark stretches along the horizon when you run along Landborgen away from the center. When you approach the Sofiero you should not run past, but right through the Sofiero Castle Gardens. The castle towering in front of you.

Along the beach you will see a challenging hill approaching. After 36km you fight your way up Serpentinbacken and just when you thought you'd give up, you'll see it. The rescue. In the distance you see the town and you get new powers down the 700m long Tinkarps slope.

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