Helsingborg Marathon & Atea Half Marathon

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Posizione Helsingborg, Sweden

Distanza Maratona

Data 31 agosto, 2019

Informazioni Helsingborg Marathon & Atea Half Marathon

The idea of a marathon in Helsingborg was born in the Fall of 2012 when two lokal guys for the frist time played with the thought of a new long distance course. It didn’t take long before they realised Helsingborg offers a big variety of underlay and beautiful surroundings, like a littoral for example, which are unique for this kind of event. So, one Sunday afternoon the road to Sweden's second biggest marathon began. About two years later the first edition had its premiere and approx 3300 runners was standing on the starting line. The rest is history.

The course of Helsingborg Marathon was born with an idea of showing as much as possible of the beautiful city of Helsingborg. The towns city area is small but is filled with blinding views and fantastic spots. The course begins at Sundstorget outside of Dunkers Kulturhus in the heart of Helsingborg. The road leads the runners down a flat 7 kilometer road to Råå Småbåtshamn which carries on to Ättekulla nature preserve. When you reach this spot it won’t take long before you will experience two wonderful parks, Ramlösa Brunnspark and Jordbodalen. Further on, the runners will reach the stunning Fredriksdal museum and garden, a farm in the middle of the city, and then on the same kilometer experience a big contrast when passing Helsingborg Arena and Olympia. During the second half of the course you get to see the medieval castle Kärnan, Pålsjö Skog and Sofiero. Then the course continues down the long hill Tinkarpsbacken before you get to a fantastic finish by the ocean. The last 3300 meters on Helsingborg Marathon has permanent markers every 100 meters. 33 lines with countdown to the finish – Gröningen. The finish along the ocean offers flag banners above the runners heads for the last 200 meters and when they pass the finish line they get to celebrate the achievement facing beautiful Öresund. The course is unique in every way with varying environment and highlights on a 42.195 meter long course. Those who run always say – i will do this again!

Since 2014 we’ve had a dream about a Half Marathon. The start of the race is the same as the Helsingborg Marathon and the relay outside of Dunkers Kulturhus. The course includes 2 unique kilometers for the half marathon before connecting to the marathon course at Kärnan. The runners and the audience get to experience historical Gustav Adolfs Torg, medieval castle Kärnan, Pålsjö Skog and Sofiero. The runners gets to celebrate their achievement facing the beautiful Öresund before they continue to the event area which contains activities for family, friends and supporters. The course has about 180 meters in altitude difference with a hill up to Kärnan after 3 kilometers and a long descent towards the ocean after 18 kilometers. 

Informazioni pratiche


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Servizi post-gara

After the run you enjoy the ocean view in the sauna at Kallis Kallbadhus north of the finish line. (this is included in the entry fee)


Exclusive medal to all finishers.

Servizio di deposito

Bag storage will be at the finish area 700 meters from the starting area. It opens att 7.00 a.m. at race day.

Tempo massimo

Marathon 6 hoursHalf Marathon 3 hours

Cosa offre il kit da gara

New Balance runner t-shirt, Race BIB and finisher medal.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

Water, fruits and Maurten sport drink along the course. You’ll find a detailed list of all stations and what they offer on our web page.


Chip timing

Helsingborg Marathon & Atea Half Marathon Mappa del percorso

Helsingborg Marathon & Atea Half Marathon Mappa del percorso


Kungsgatan 11, 252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden


Båthusgatan 2, 252 67 Helsingborg, Sweden

Helsingborg Marathon & Atea Half Marathon Costo dei biglietti: €60,00 - €160,00

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