A. Sweden Half Marathon - Which One Inspires You?

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Stockholm Half Marathon

Sweden, Stockholm 07 Sep, 2019


Sweden, Jämjö 24 Nov, 2018


Sweden, Skövde 28 Apr, 2018

GöteborgsVarvet - Gothenburg Half Marathon

Sweden, Gothenburg 18 May, 2019

Skatås ryggar

Sweden, Gothenburg 09 Jun, 2018


Sweden, Östersund 24 May, 2018


Sweden, Örebro 20 Oct, 2018

RUNmarö Halvmarathon

Sweden, Stockholm 21 Jul, 2019

A. Sweden Half Marathon - Which One Inspires You?

A Scandinavian nation surrounded by thousands of inland lakes and coastal islands, Sweden is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. The vast countryside is full of glaciated mountains and forests, which makes it as unique as it is stunning. The Capital city of Stockholm is to the east, and Malmo and Gothenburg are coastal cities that lie to the west. Stockholm itself is made from 14 islands, and the entirety of Sweden touts over fifty bridges from end to end. 

If you are ready to try your hand at one of the many Sweden Half Marathon events available, you won't be disappointed. A destination run in Sweden will be more like a vacation than any real work. But don't underestimate the challenging courses that you can find. 

Whether  you are a newbie training for a marathon or want to beat your personal best half marathon time, find a perfect half marathon in Sweden. What are you waiting for? Pre-register and start training today!

Which Sweden Half Marathon 2019 Will Inspire You?

Whether you are a fast and flat course lover or a rough and hilly, there are a vast number of Sweden half marathon 2019 events to choose from. The Urban Trails 10km might not be a full half marathon, but it might be a great step on your way to one. Held in Stockholm, this unique trail running event isn't about covering unchartered backroads, rather conquering stairs, streets, and street lanes. Although it is labeled the Urban Trails, the path is very rural and exciting! 

The Stockholm Half Marathon is a flat and fast course that sets a course through the inner city areas such as Vasastan, the Old Town, Sodermalm, Kungsholmen, and Norrmalm. See nearly all of the most famous sites of the city while racing toward the finish line. For someone looking for a starter half marathon, the Stock Half is the race to run!

If you are okay with slightly more than a half marathon the Bocksten Trailrun Winter Course is one to weather, literally. Run in the wintertime through ice, sleet, or snow, racers make their way through a wintry-covered forest to see some pretty amazing sites!

Whatever inspires you to run, it can be found in one of the many Sweden Half marathons 2019 events. Find a perfect one to match your goals and commit today!

Register now! Båstad Marathon

Båstad Marathon

Sweden, Båstad

29 Jun, 2019

Register now! Stockholm Half Marathon

Stockholm Half Marathon

Sweden, Stockholm

7 Sep, 2019

Tjejmilen 21K

Sweden, Stockholm

27 Apr, 2019

Jönköping Marathon 

Sweden, Jönköping

24 Aug, 2019

6 lakes – 6 sjoar

Sweden, Uppsala

17 Aug, 2019

Helsingborg Marathon & Atea Half Marathon

Sweden, Helsingborg

31 Aug, 2019

Good to Know


The official currency of Sweden is the Swedish krona


To travel to Sweden, you do not need a visa, but you will need a passport that is valid for a minimum of 90 days. If you are from a country that does require a visa, then you will have to obtain a Schengen Visa


There are some required and some recommended vaccines to travel to Sweden. Talk with your physician ahead of time to ensure that your shots are up to date!


The best time to travel to Sweden are between the months of May to September. If you want to see the midnight sun, however, then you will want to visit during June and July


Although you can take public transportation around Sweden, if you want to rent a car, it is much easier than other European nations. Sweden has very light traffic and easy to distinguish traffic signs

Things To Think About


Does the event you want to enter have a participation limit? If so, consider registering ahead of time to reserve your spot


How long will it take you to be race ready? Give yourself enough time to train so you aren't scrambling at the last minute


Make sure you have a good limit on your credit card, not all places in Sweden take cash


The midnight sun during the summer months can make it difficult to sleep. Are you ready to race around without getting enough shut-eye?


English is widely spoken around Sweden, but just in case, you might want to carry around a good translation app!

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