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Run on Ice

As if running a marathon isn’t challenging enough, the addition of ice and snow can take 26.2 miles and make it that much more grueling. Running in the cold stings your lungs, freezes your ears and hands, and makes you expend a whole lot more energy trying to get to the finish line. Some people think that choosing an “ice age” marathon makes you a masochist and then there are the rest of us running enthusiasts who have done it all and want an additional hurdle to push us a little past our limits.

Ice and snow marathons are not something you just strap your shoes on and run. They have specific training needs; they need endurance, and above all, they need the willingness to endure some of the worst conditions a person can be subjected to. If you are going to take on whatever old man winter has to throw at you, then these are the best marathons to freeze your amazing feat in time for a lifetime.

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Siberian Ice Half Marathon

Russia,Omsk 07 January, 2021

Polar Circle Marathon® and Half Marathon

Greenland,Russel Glacier 24 October, 2020

Baikal Ice Marathon

Russia,Listvyanka 02 March, 2019

The Ice Ultra

Sweden,Gällivare 25 February, 2020

Antarctic Ice Marathon & Half

Antarctica,N/A 13 December, 2019

Honor Vladivostok Ice Run

Russia,Vladivostok 22 February, 2020