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Quick facts

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Distance 10 km

Date 29 Aug 2020

About Tjejmilen

The Tjejmilen will take place on Gärdet and Djurgården in Stockholm on Saturday 2 September. The first start group will set off at 13:00. Almost 30,000 participants will run Tjejmilen, Sweden’s largest sports event for women. 

The course, which is relatively flat, is 10,000 metres long. The only tough hilly parts are after 6.5 km and after 9 km and are both followed by pleasant downhill stretches. There are officials at every road junction and signs along the course indicating the kilometre points. 

90% of the surface is asphalt, the rest is gravel. 

Choose either Fun Run or Competition Class, tjejmilen is a race for everyone. You can decide if you want to compete for a good time and position or if you just want to take it easy and enjoy the surroundings. There are 15 different start groups for different levels of competition. However, start groups close as soon as they are full – so register in good time. You can also decide if you want to be in the Competition Class – in which case your time will appear in the official results on the website. If you want to run without recording your time, you should enter the Fun Run. In the past few years approximately 65 % of participants have entered the Competition Class.


After Race Services

Immediately after the finish you’ll receive a beautiful Tjejmilen medal. You’ll also get the traditional Frödinge cheesecake with jam, a banana from Chiquita as well as drinks and coffee.

Aid Stations

There are four refreshment stations along the course.

Equipment Storage

There is an area where you can hand in your clothing before the start. In each pen – you can choose which one – we will give out stickers. You should write your start number in the box on the large sticker and stick it on your bag. Stick the small sticker on the reverse side of your number bib. When you’ve finished the race, go to the pen which corresponds to the letter on the reverse side of your bib, show your number and you will get your belongings.


Water is provided at stations 1 and 3. Water and Maxim sports drink is provided at stations 2 and 4. The sports drink is on the first tables and water on the following tables. Chiquita bananas are also provided at station 3. Dextro Energy tablets are given out after 7km. There are compostable bin bags after each refreshment station. Please throw your cups in these bags to spare the officials extra work.


All runners in the competition class will have their start time registered when they cross the start line. In this way, everyone’s ’real’ finish time is recorded – that means the time from leaving the start line to reaching the finish line. RaceTimer is responsible for timekeeping, which uses a data chip, attached to the tab at the top of your number bib. Don’t rip this tab off !

Tjejmilen Route Map

Tjejmilen Route Map



Borgvägen 1-5, 115 53 Stockholm, Sweden


The race runs around the beautiful scenery of the Royal National City Park “Djurgården”. It starts on "Lindarängsvägen" which is a wide, flat road. The course continues 1.5 kilometres down the road until it turns to the right and up a slope. Make a right- hand turn on “Kaknäsvägen” and then pass the “Kaknäs” TV Tower, the tallest building in Stockholm with a height of 155 metres (500 feet).

After 2.5 kilometres, the course reaches “Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen”, a canal where you can choose between running along the north or the south side towards “Parkudden”. Either distance is equal.
Before we reach the canal, on the right hand side, we pass “Djurgårdsbrunns Värdshus”, a restaurant that dates back to the 18th century. At the end of the canal, at “Parkudden” you turn to the right and round “Blockhusudden”. 

The course continues on the road, “Djurgårdsvägen”, and you pass some magnificent mansions and the “Manillahemmet”, a school for deaf children. 

At 6.5 kilometres, you run uphill for e few hundred metres towards the palace of “Rosendal” which was built 1823-1827 for the king Karl XIV Johan. Then the course goes downhill through an avenue of old and beautiful oak trees. You turn right at the restaurant “Godthem” and follow the waterfront through “Lusthusporten”, an iron gate to “Djurgårdsvägen”.

On the left-hand side you can see the spectacular building of The National Museum of Cultural History and, further down the road, the amusement park “Gröna Lund” and “Skansen”, an open-air museum with 150 historical buildings.

You run over the bridge “Djurgårdsbron”, turn right on the road “Strandvägen” before reaching ”Oxenstiernsgatan” where you make a left- hand turn. This road takes you up the last hill of the course. On the right hand side you can see the huge building of the Swedish national radio and TV company. 

The last part of the course is an easy run downhill on “Oxenstiernasgatan”, continuing into ”Lindarängsvägen” where you pass the Swedish Film Institute and run into the finishing stretch.

Tjejmilen Ticket prices: €38.00 - €42.00

The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.