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10 km


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The Tjejmilen 10K is Sweden’s largest sports event for women with around 30,000 participants taking part in a road race and in a trail race. The road race has a Fun Run version and a competitive version if you want to show your girl power. The course of Tjejmilen is predominantly flat with two small hills (less than 15 meters) located after km 6.5 and after km 9. This is a race for everyone and multiple pace groups facilitate running at your own pace. Enthusiastic spectators, superb girl-power atmosphere and a beautiful city of Stockholm guarantee great fun for everyone during the Tjejmilen.

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For the 38th year in a row, thousands and thousands of women gather at Gärdet in Stockholm to run 10 kilometers, but also to be part of something very powerful as the entire city of Stockholm is overflowing with girl power. Welcome to a day filled with energy, joy and raceday butterflies.

Mappa del percorso

directions_runIndirizzo di partenza: Borgvägen 1-5, 115 53 Stockholm, Sweden

flagFine Indirizzo: Borgvägen 1-5, 115 53 Stockholm, Sweden

Tjejmilen Mappa del percorso

Informazioni pratiche

Servizi post-gara

Immediately after the finish you’ll receive a beautiful Tjejmilen medal. You’ll also get fruits, drinks, coffee and snacks to help you refuel and recover.

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

There are four refreshment stations along the course.

Servizio di deposito

There is an area where you can hand in your clothing before the start. In each pen – you can choose which one – we will give out stickers. You should write your start number in the box on the large sticker and stick it on your bag. Stick the small sticker on the reverse side of your number bib. When you’ve finished the race, go to the pen which corresponds to the letter on the reverse side of your bib, show your number and you will get your belongings.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

Water is provided at stations 1 and 3. Water and Maxim sports drink is provided at stations 2 and 4. The sports drink is on the first tables and water on the following tables. Chiquita bananas are also provided at station 3. Dextro Energy tablets are given out after 7km. There are compostable bin bags after each refreshment station. Please throw your cups in these bags to spare the officials extra work.


All runners in the competition class will have their start time registered when they cross the start line. In this way, everyone’s ’real’ finish time is recorded – that means the time from leaving the start line to reaching the finish line. RaceTimer is responsible for timekeeping, which uses a data chip, attached to the tab at the top of your number bib. Don’t rip this tab off !



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