Segura Extreme Triathlon

Tranco, Spain

10 giu 2023 (Sat)


Ultramaratona - 219,50km

Segura Extreme Triathlon

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Segura Extreme Triathlon, more than a sporting event, is an "adventure", an extreme long-distance triathlon, carried out for athletes who want to live a unique and different experience, without crowds, surrounded by their family and in a natural environment, with emblematic landscapes in full heart of the Sierra de Segura.

Race called " Extreme ", due to the unevenness, weather and distance of its segments, with 3,600 meters of swimming in the Tranco reservoir, 176 km of cycling with 4,000 positive meters and a trail of 43 km of Trail with 2,000 meters of unevenness that will take you to the goal in the Castle of Segura de la Sierra.

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3,600 km of swimming in the Tranco Reservoir, the expected temperature for the date of the event will be between 18º and 22º. The neoprene suit is "mandatory", since swimming is done completely at night, for safety the use of neoprene is required, likewise the safety buoy is "mandatory" this anger equipped with a chemical light provided by the organization. The use of gloves and booties will be prohibited. The use of glasses with transparent lenses is recommended to facilitate visibility, since the entire route will be in low light. The departure from the water will be given at 05:45, at the wharf of the Leisure and Tourism Center of the Tranco reservoir. In case of adverse weather conditions, the organization reserves the right to shorten or eliminate the swimming segment, turning the test into a Duathlon. During the swim, you will find kayaks and inflatable boats, which will guide you and will be there to safeguard any contingency that may arise during the swimming section. The buoys will delimit the routes and the distance to swim, leaving them always to the right according to the direction of the route.

172 km of cycling starting and ending at El Centro de Ocio del Tranco, an authentic mountain biking stage with more than 4,100 meters of positive elevation gain, where three First Category ports will be ascended, El Yelmo, La Cumbre and Despiernacaballos. Due to the unevenness, it is highly advisable to wear "comfortable" gears and it is more than advisable to use disc brakes, since the descents are long and quite uneven. As these are high mountain roads, it is easy to find animals and objects (stones, branches, etc.) in the middle of the road, we ask you to be as careful as possible. “Mandatory” use of the rear light and highly recommended the front light, the Traffic where the test takes place is negligible but not non-existent, for our safety it is better to be seen. The Organization will have a single provisioning station at km 89 solid and liquid. The route goes through abundant water sources

Composed of 43km of mountain running and 1900 meters of unevenness, starting from the Pantano del Tranco Leisure Center and following the route of the GR 247, passing through the town of Hornos and ending at the emblematic Castle of Segura de la Sierra, where the goal is located , the athlete can do it alone or accompanied from the beginning with someone they trust. It is a course with track areas and narrow trails with technical areas and complicated steps, with which the athlete must regulate a lot from the beginning. The use of Trail shoes is recommended, since the asphalt is imperceptible. At km 30 of the trail, T3 will be located in the "Refugio del Campillo" , where there will be a provisioning and material control point, beginning the hardest and most technical part of the route, until reaching Segura de la Sierra.
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Start address: Tranco, Spain

Finish address: Segura de la Sierra, Spain

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Segura Extreme Triathlon

schedule Annullamento del biglietto 24h

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