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What’s So Great About Marathons In Africa? What Isn’t?!

What’s So Great About Marathons In Africa? What Isn’t?!

If you are looking for your next destination marathon or looking to run your first, Africa is one of the most spectacular countries to find inspiration. From jungle to desert terrain, there are hidden treasures abound.
An escape from the everyday, the scenery of the African countryside is unimaginable. Many places completely devoid of modernity, you will experience sites you never even dreamed.
Regardless if you are a novice runner or a marathon diehard, with so many marathons in Afric ... Continuer la lecture

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Carthage Race Marathon2021

Tunisia, Carthage 28 février, 2021

Int'l Marathon Zanzibar NE-Coast

Tanzania, Kiwengwa 18 septembre, 2020

Uganda Wildlife Marathon

Uganda, Kampala 28 février, 2021
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Nigeria, Ile-Ife 31 janvier, 2021
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Serengeti Safari Marathon

Tanzania, 14 novembre, 2020
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Sfax Marathon Tunisia

Tunisia, Sfax 01 novembre, 2020
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KFC Mauritius Marathon: Marathon de I'lle Maurice

Mauritius, 13 décembre, 2020

Serengeti Migration Marathon

Tanzania, 06 septembre, 2020
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International Marathon of Marrakech

Morocco, Marrakesh 31 janvier, 2021

Ile-Ife Heritage Marathon

Nigeria, 31 janvier, 2021

Int'l Marathon Zanzibar SE-Coast

Tanzania, Bwejuu 14 septembre, 2020
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Trail-Marathon des Papillons

Togo, Kpalime 27 février, 2021


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