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Marathon races in Taiwan

Marathon races in Taiwan

If you can’t stand the heat stay out of Taiwan. One of the most awe-inspiring landscape found worldwide; you have to have the constitution for humidity to partake in the marathons held in this Asian country. Not a vast number to choose from, there are about nine scheduled major marathons per year. Half, full, and ultra marathons are run across the countryside and in the populated cities. From the Southern Cross-Island Road Ultra Marathon to the Taipei Standard Charter Half Marathon, join interna ... Seguir leyendo

Run Taipei Virtual Race

Taiwan, 11 julio, 2020
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Taipei International Marathon

Taiwan, Taipei 20 diciembre, 2020

Action Asia X-Trail Taiwan

Taiwan, Taipei 22 septiembre, 2019

Taroko Gorge Marathon

Taiwan, Taroko National Park 02 noviembre, 2019

Sun Moon Lake Marathon

Taiwan, Yuchi Township 29 octubre, 2017

Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon

Taiwan, Taipei 19 enero, 2020

New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon

Taiwan, Taipei City 15 marzo, 2020

Kaohsiung International Marathon

Taiwan, Kaohsiung 17 febrero, 2019

Tainan Ancient Capital Marathon

Taiwan, Tainan 01 marzo, 2020

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Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon, Comentario realizado el 11 febrero, 2020


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