Marathons in China - Hundred Marathons To Choose From

Marathons in China - Hundred Marathons To Choose From

With well many hundred marathons to choose from, there is no shortage of ways to race around China. The marathon trend is booming and we can see many talented Chinese runners taking part in international championships.From beginner to advanced levels, some of the most challenging marathons in the world are held around the Chinese countryside. The Guizhou Qiandonganon 100km Challenge is just one of the most arduous ultra marathons that running enthusiasts can train for. Iconic runs such as the ... Seguir leyendo

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Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

China, Hong Kong 09 feb., 2020
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Shanghai International Marathon

China, Shanghai 17 nov., 2019

Chengdu Marathon

China, Chengdu 27 oct., 2019
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Hangzhou Marathon

China, Hangzhou 03 nov., 2019

Ordos International Marathon

China, Ordos 24 ago., 2019

Hengshui Lake International Marathon

China, Hengshui Shi 22 sep., 2019

Zhengzhou International Marathon

China, Zhengzhou 13 oct., 2019

Lanzhou International Marathon

China, Lanzhou 02 jun., 2019

Chongqing International Marathon

China, Chongqing 31 mar., 2019

Liupanshui Summer International Marathon

China, Liupanshui 28 jul., 2019

Beijing Marathon

China, Beijing 16 sep., 2018

Dalian International Marathon

China, Dalian 12 may., 2019

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Hangzhou Marathon, Comentario realizado el 17 diciembre, 2018

The race operation company changed to a subsidiary company of Alibaba Company from 2018, however the only remarkable good thing it brings to the race is that it reduces the false runners with other pe...


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