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Marathon races in Thailand - Exotic and Challenging

Marathon races in Thailand - Exotic and Challenging

Mostly known for its beautiful tropical beaches, Thailand continues to be a favorite tourist attraction. From ancient ruins to royal palaces, there is no shortage of rich history or amazing architecture to behold.  The capital city Bangkok is seeping with modernity and a magnificent cityscape that can parallel any Western city. Yet, it still maintains its past and is highly influenced by Buddhism. If you are looking for marathon races in Thailand to participate in, the only hard part will be cho ... Seguir leyendo

Nongkhai Asean Marathon

Thailand, Nai Mueang 20 diciembre, 2020

Songkha International Marathon

Thailand, 09 agosto, 2020

River Kwai International Half Marathon

Thailand, Tha Sao 13 septiembre, 2020

Khao Lak Marathon

Thailand, Khuekkhak 02 mayo, 2020

Chiang Mai Trail Race

Thailand, San Pa Yang 18 agosto, 2019

Rayong Marathon

Thailand, Tambon Phe 17 noviembre, 2019

Chiangkhan Super Half Marathon

Thailand, Chiang Khan 06 septiembre, 2020

Phukethon 2020 presented by Umay+

Thailand, Tambon Wichit 21 noviembre, 2020

Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok

Thailand, Bangkok 02 febrero, 2020

Laguna Phuket International Marathon

Thailand, Phuket 14 junio, 2020

Buriram Marathon

Thailand, Buri Ram 09 febrero, 2020

Hua Hin Marathon

Thailand, Nong Kae 09 mayo, 2021

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Rajan S

Rajan S

Buriram Marathon, Comentario realizado el 13 febrero, 2020




Rayong Marathon, Comentario realizado el 11 febrero, 2020


Stephen Turner

Stephen Turner

Nongkhai Asean Marathon, Comentario realizado el 09 noviembre, 2019

Ran this marathon last year (2018); and have entered again for the upcoming 2019 marathon so it must have been a positive experience. The full marathon started at 3am from the car park of a town cen...


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