Belgium Marathons - So Many Races...How to Choose?

Belgium Marathons - So Many Races...How to Choose?

Known for more than just great beer, don’t discount the Great Breweries Marathon in Belgium. Holding some of the most unique and fierce marathons in the world, Belgium offers a little bit of everything for every running enthusiast.  From half marathons such as the Trail des 3 Vallees to ultramarathons such as the Eco-Trail de Brussels, there is no shortage of challenges to partake in. From mud races like the Gladiator Run Extreme mud Edition to night races such as the Night Trail Frameries, Belg ... Continue Reading

Namur International Marathon

Belgium, Namur 19 April, 2020

Marathon Kasterlee

Belgium, Kasterlee 17 November, 2019

Memorial Louis Persoon Marathon

Belgium, Genk 27 January, 2019

Trail Provinciaal Domein Het Leen

Belgium, Eeklo 08 February, 2020

Great Breweries Marathon

Belgium, Puurs 10 May, 2020

Les Boucles Ardennaises

Belgium, La Roche-en-Ardenne 06 June, 2020

Alpro Leiemarathon

Belgium, Wevelgem 24 September, 2017

Le BW, ça marche!

Belgium, Brussels 21 April, 2019

Maas Marathon de la Meuse

Belgium, Visé / Liège 10 May, 2020

In Flanders Fields-marathon

Belgium, Dixmude 08 September, 2019

Brussels Ekiden

Belgium, Brussels 19 October, 2019


Belgium, Ertvelde 01 May, 2019

Things To Think About


Take beer drinking slow, the beer has a greater alcohol content than you are probably used to


Don't get carried away the night before race day. There might not be any last calls, but you still should call it quits!


Several languages are spoken in Belgium. Make sure to have a translator app on hand at all times to communicate!


Does the race that you want to participate in have a limit? If so, consider registering ahead of time so you don't miss out


How long do you need to train to be race ready for race day. Leave yourself enough time so you aren't scrambling last minute

Is A Belgium Marathon 2019 In Your Future?

Although Belgium is known for more than their beer making abilities, when it comes to marathons, breweries and races seem to go hand in hand. The Beer Lovers' Marathon, held in Liege, Belgium began in 2012, and has been chugging along ever since. Not just about the beer, participants wear costumes and bands play, all while racers make their way around Liege. No shortage of thirsty athletes, you can beer taste while in transit. It is a one-of-a-kind good time!

The Maasmarathon De La Basse is a flat and fast course that takes place in the town of Meuse. The start and the finish of the race are both in the same location, the Queen Astrid Square, which is in the heart of the city. Participants follow a wonderful nature trail, and the competitive atmosphere is more like playtime. See all the historic sites of Meuse on foot, while trying to complete your best time, or make it to the finish line for the first time.

Although not quite a marathon, if you are looking for something outside the ordinary. then the Antwerp Runners' Lab Night Run is a perfect challenge. It is a 9km race that takes place at night. And the participants are all fashioned with headlights, literally, to guide their way. For those looking for a bit less competition and a lot more fun, this is the race to join!

Whatever it is that inspires you to run, it can be found in one of the many Belgium marathon 2019 events. Choose the right one for you, register, and start training. What are you waiting for?

Good to Know


Although you can rent a car if you are 21 or older and have a current driver's license, you probably don't need to. There are many public transportation options to make your way around cities


The best time to visit Belgium are the months between April and October. The spring and fall offer the best weather to see everything outdoors!


The official currency of Belgium is the Euro


Some vaccines are required or recommended to travel to Belgium. So be sure to ask your physician ahead of time


If traveling from abroad, you will need a passport to visit Belgium that is valid for a minimum of three months post-departure date. EU nationals do not need a passport to enter Belgium

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