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South Korea: Your Next Runner's Vacation Spot

South Korea: Your Next Runner's Vacation Spot

From the bustling city life of Seoul to the natural wonders of Seoraksan National Park and the pristine beaches of Jeju Island, South Korea has something for everyone, including runners. South Korea boasts some of the best hiking trails in the world. If you're ready for a caffeine boost, you're in luck. South Korea has a vibrant cafe scene. History and culture await visitors in the country's major cities.

Jeju MBC International Peace Marathon

South Korea, Jeju-do 29 三月, 2020

Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon

South Korea, Gunsan-si 12 四月, 2020

Dong-a Ilbo Gyeongju International Marathon

South Korea, Gyeongju 20 十月, 2019

JoongAng Seoul International Marathon

South Korea, Seoul 03 十一月, 2019

Chosunilbo Chunchon Int'l Marathon

South Korea, Chunchon 27 十月, 2019

Daegu International Marathon

South Korea, Daegu 07 四月, 2019

Munhwa Marathon

South Korea, Paju 07 十月, 2018

Dong-A Ilbo Gongju Baekje Marathon

South Korea, Gongju 08 九月, 2019

Incheon Songdo International Marathon

South Korea, Incheon 29 九月, 2019




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Chosunilbo Chunchon Int'l Marathon, 已评论 06 一月, 2020

The Chosun Ilbo Chuncheon Marathon is an annual marathon which is held in late October. It is the second largest marathon race in Korea after Seoul Marathon. The cut-off for FM is 6hrs & HM is 2.5hrs....


Alexandre Naffati

Alexandre Naffati

Dong-a Ilbo Gyeongju International Marathon, 已评论 29 十月, 2019

Gyeongju marathon is exceptional for more than one reason, however some little aspects are to be improved specially for international runners. Starting with the good things, the location is exception...




JoongAng Seoul International Marathon, 已评论 16 十一月, 2017

It was cold in the morning 1º C at 5:30 and only managed to warm to around 17º by mid day. But back to the start, I was early, before the sun rose. It was quite when I got to the stadium and they were...


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