Marathon races in Turkey

Marathon races in Turkey

Those looking for forest running to coastal routes have found heaven in the offerings of Turkey’s marathons. From white sandy beaches to rough forest terrain, there is something for every running enthusiast. A unique countryside, there are spectacular sites to behold that you just can’t see with the same awe-inspiring view that you get from trekking it afoot. From the city Istanbul Marathon to the Erciyes Ultra Sky trail, there is something for every runner’s style. Half, full and ultra marat ... 继续阅读

Runatolia Marathon

Turkey, Antalya 09 三月, 2019

Oger Antalya International Marathon

Turkey, Antalya 03 三月, 2019

Turkcell Gelibolu Maratonu

Turkey, Eceabat 06 十月, 2019

Mersin Marathon

Turkey, Mersin 16 十二月, 2018

Eker I Run Marathon

Turkey, 06 十月, 2019

Istanbul Marathon

Turkey, Istanbul 11 十一月, 2018



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Ulrich Walter

Ulrich Walter

Oger Antalya International Marathon, 已评论 06 三月, 2019

Although the weather in Antalya is not really warm in March, it is much more comfortable than the climatic conditions in Central Europe. Also at this time in the year it is possible to walk through th...


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