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TrailDoloMitica Eco-Trail

Quick facts

Location Padola, Italy

Distance Marathon

Date 25 Aug 2018

About TrailDoloMitica Eco-Trail

A wonderful Trail Marathon of 42km. Elevation+ 2.150mt. A part of a trail running festival, with lots of music and good food, set in one of the most scenic spots in the Dolomites listed as a UNESCO “natural world heritage site”.The course is suitable for everyone, from runners to seasoned hikers. All participants are important, runners and top runners no matter what their level from the first to the last, this is the organizer’s philosophy.
The first part of the trail goes through historical and cultural hamlets, depicted in wooden sculptures, passes an ancient dam and churches. It then runs through amazing woods and across pastures with breathtaking views surrounded by nature, so revitalizing.


WalkDolomitica 10 km

  • 10km

TrailDoloMitica Eco-Trail

  • 21.097km

TrailDoloMitica Eco-Marathon

  • 42.195km



There are accommodation services available.


There will be a transfer service from the airport available.





Padola, Italy





With the start and finish at the Piazza di Padola, the route shows the runners the amazing nature of the Dolomites. A scenic and secure trail runs in scenic surroundings. The first part of the route runs through the small villages of Val Comelico, passing by some of the characteristic wood sculptures. Later the route climbs through the forest and reaches the altitude of 2 380 metres.

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