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Herb Parsons Trail Marathon and Half Marathon

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Distance Marathon

About Herb Parsons Trail Marathon and Half Marathon

The Herb Parsons Trail Marathon and Half Marathon takes place at Herb Parsons Lake located in Fayette County. The race offers a marathon and half marathon.

The race has an interesting “no shirt” rule, and offers runners the opportunity to really interact with the natural elements along the course.

This is the perfect race for runners who love to be in touch with nature.

Embrace the trees, the natural blue sky, and have a great run!


Half Marathon

  • 21.097km


  • 42.195km

Herb Parsons Lake

Herb Parsons Lake,us


Herb Parsons lake

Herb Parsons Lake,us


The course offers runners the opportunity to get intimate with nature.


This is a trail race – an out and back on great single track trail for the half and two out and backs for the marathon. The trail is well shaded with some twists and turns. There are few rocks on the trail, but there are plenty of roots on this very run-able trail. The races start at the west side of the parking lot. The course follows the trail on the west, south and east sides of the Lake. At the 6.56 mile mark runners reach the turnaround aid station at Lakeview Road at which point runners head back to the start. The course will be well marked with arrow signs, ribbon, and flour markings.

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